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J.B. Bingham

J.B. Bingham Jr was born on the 1st of September I945 in Chicago. He was the second eldest child of four raised by Thelma and James Bingham Sr. As a teenager JB cut his teeth singing lead vocals and playing guitar with several neighbourhood groups. One group in particular under the unlikely name of “The Vermacharms” also featured Walter (Simtec ) Simmons, his brother Ronnie Simmons, Mathew Whitfield and JB.

The Vermacharm

James’s first Guitar was loaned to him by the mother of Tom Jamerson, while Tom was away serving in Vietnam. Upon Tom’s return from the service James had to return the guitar. Tom later played bass guitar for Bettye Everette before eventually becoming her husband. Continue reading J.B. Bingham

A lifelong performer, Tracey Whitney’s musical roots run deep

Her mother Louise Whitney and father Ellis Ray “Ray Boone” Leary, both incredible singer/performers (and proverbial “big fish in a little pond”) in Portland, Oregon had eight children who all came out singing. When Tracey was 5, her mom packed up the kids and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after establishing new roots, Louise toured with legends of soul Solomon Burke and Johnny Otis. Aunt Mary Lee Whitney (who became a member of Stevie Wonder’s “Wonderlove,” singing on many of his biggest hits, and was the female lead on his “Songs In The Key Of Life” classic, “As”), Uncle’s Sam Whitney and James Whitney (both singers) and Kenny Roy Whitney (a drummer), also made the trek to California, and became well-known LA-area entertainers. Continue reading A lifelong performer, Tracey Whitney’s musical roots run deep