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Young Soul Rebels: A Personal History of Northern Soul (Paperback)

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by Stuart Cosgrove
Release Date: 19 May 2016

Young Soul Rebels: A Personal History of Northern Soul Paperback – 19 May 2016 by Stuart Cosgrove (Author), Cover photograph taken by Brian Cannon (Illustrator)

‘Nothing will ever compare to the amphetamine rush of my young life and the night I was nearly buggered by my girlfriend s uncle in the Potteries …’

 The opening line of Stuart Cosgrove’s Young Soul Rebels sets up a compelling and intimate story of northern soul, Britain’s most fascinating musical underground scene, and takes the reader on a journey into the iconic clubs that made it famous The Twisted Wheel, The Torch, Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca and Cleethorpes Pier the bootleggers that made it infamous, the splits that threatened to divide the scene, the great unknown records that built its global reputation and the crate-digging collectors that travelled to America to unearth unknown sounds. Continue reading Young Soul Rebels: A Personal History of Northern Soul (Paperback)

Regina Belle Multi Grammy Award – Winning & Academy Award ­ Winning Singer

“I’m amazingly blessed. I will never ever say that I’ve lived the perfect life to be shown such favor with God or the people but here I am,” declares the incomparable Regina Belle. The Academy Award­winning and Multi Grammy­winning singer, songwriter and actress, who sang the now famous “A Whole New World” with Peabo Bryson in Disney’s smash hit Aladdin, continues to defy the odds and redefine her world nearly three decades since she made her recording debut. With a string of hits including “Make It Like It Was,” “If I Could,” “Baby Come To Me” and “This Is Love,” Regina Belle has made a career following her heart and moving gracefully between the worlds of R&B, Gospel and Jazz. Continue reading Regina Belle Multi Grammy Award – Winning & Academy Award ­ Winning Singer


Recording Artist, Record Label Owner, Artist Development, Record Producer, Remixer, Song Writer, Marketing and Promotions, Music Licensing, Social Media Blogger, Award winning Poet and Playwright.

Dee’s involvement in the UK music industry stretches over 4 decades, from as teenager during the mid seventies securing exclusive promotional service from American labels Casablanca Records (Donna Summers, Cameo and Giorgio Moroder), Cotillion Records (Luther Vandross) and Bang Records (Peabo Bryson) to source the top taste making, UK club and radio Djs. Continue reading Keyjam

Cleveland P. Jones

It’s a rarity for the world to experience artistry that is so genuine, so heartfelt…so captivating. Welcome to the world of singer/songwriter, Cleveland P. Jones. He is the true embodiment of soul and jazz. In a world where there is only a handful of artists that will earn the title of “legend”, Mr. Jones is surely in route to earning his rightful place in musical history.

When asked about his future in the music industry, he stated “my mission is longevity, not instant fame. I’ve learned by example and experience that rushing a good thing normally ends abruptly and suffers long…what’s intended for me will be, I will always work harder and give my very best.” Continue reading Cleveland P. Jones

Terry Harris

“If you want a voice that’s the main attraction both tough and tender, harking back to the great R&B soul singers of the past look no further than Terry Harris. If you want to hear classic 80’s and 90’s R&B ballads and sexy grooves, look no further than Terry Harris.”

Dee Kejam Majek Terry Harris aka (Outsyda) has been on the music scene for a while. The singer, songwriter and producer started as a background singer and later became a front man. He’s worked with Kool and the Gang, The Barkays, Micheal Mauldin (So So Def) Shirley Brown, J. Blackfoot and Epic Records artist Ruff Endz, whom he co-wrote for and also sang on the album cut “If It Wasn’t For”. Continue reading Terry Harris

Kejam Feat Chanel ‘This Love is Magic’ VEC Records

CHANEL is a name that people instantly recognize when they hear the voice on such songs as My Life (Top 40 national chart hit in the UK, France, and Scandinavia), Dance, Lovely Day and Forget About Your Boys, that have exploded out of the UK urban soul, underground like a bush fire onto national radio, receiving solid club rotation, heavy radio and video airplay to become mainstay club classics.

After a three year hiatus, since her last solo offering, the addictive, Mtume inspired Continue reading Kejam Feat Chanel ‘This Love is Magic’ VEC Records

Lisa Taylor

Originally from Hawaii where she grew up in a household playing everything from Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Lisa Taylor has not looked back since she started performing at the age of 10.

After moving to Santa Cruz, Lisa Taylor quickly built a name for herself through her solo work and also being lead vocalist for her band SoulCity. She has been vocalist for acts that have opened for the likes of Ghostface, Tech Nine, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and Brownout helping build her profile further and contributing to her previous album Let Love Shine being a best seller on a number of top distribution sites. Continue reading Lisa Taylor


During 2012 we at Soul Junction Records were fortunate to discover two excellent unissued Oliver Cheatham tracks “Don’t Pop The Question/Good Guys Don’t Make Good Lovers” (SJ518) and it was during the brokering of a subsequent licensing deal that we were introduced to the songs producer Mr. Bill Miller (who just happened to be Oliver’s cousin). During a later conversation Bill mentioned that he had some other unissued material on a group by the name of Elbowed-Out that he worked with while living in Seattle, Washington and would we be interested in hearing it ? Well, if it was anything near as good as the Cheatham tracks then you bet we would! Well it was and two well received 45 singles from Elbowed-Out would eventually be released, firstly the double sided dance 45 “Taking A Step” b/w “Girl You Got Magic” (SJ523) in 2013. Followed by Continue reading Elbowed-Out

Soul Shine-Expansion Records

Summertime, and feel good uplifting collections of quality, luxurious and contemporary soul tunes come no better than this. “Soul Shine” is hot! Starting with new Atlanta sensation Leon Timbo with an exclusive, the magnificent “You’re My Darling” already contributing to the soundtrack of summer 2015. Tracks by Crossroads, Soul Talk, Tony Remy, Neo, Victor Haynes all prolific in soul charts but not previously available on CD until now, much like the two stunning Nigel Lowis mixes for Ola Onabule and Samuel D. Sanders, current 7” wonders, but now in their full length glory with the closest anyone has got to re-creating the sound of Phialdelphia in the 21st century! Here too is an exclusive from Sheree Brown in another brand new collaboration with Soul Talk, more Philly magic from Victor Fields with an amazing tribute to Lou Rawls, Russian soul from Olga with Incognito for the first time on CD, Bulgarian soul and jazz fusion from Ruth Koleva, a gorgeous duet from Tracy Hamlin and Frank McComb and much much more! Continue reading Soul Shine-Expansion Records

Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul

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Stuart Cosgrove

Detroit 67 is the story of Detroit in the year that changed everything. Twelve monthly chapters take you on a turbulent year long journey through the drama and chaos that ripped through the city in 1967. Over a dramatic 12-month period, the Motor City was torn apart by personal, political and inter-racial disputes. It is the story of Motown, the breakup of The Supremes and the implosion of the most successful African-American music label ever. Set against a backdrop of urban riots, escalating war in Vietnam and police corruption, the book weaves its way through a year when soul music came of age, and the underground counterculture flourished. LSD arrived in the city with hallucinogenic power and local guitar-band MC5 -self-styled “holy barbarians” of rock went to war with mainstream America. A summer of street-level rebellion turned Detroit into one of the most notorious cities on earth, known for its unique creativity, its unpredictability and self-lacerating crime rates. 1967 ended in social meltdown, personal bitterness and intense legal warfare as the complex threads that held Detroit together finally unraveled. Detroit 67 is the story of the year that changed everything.