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Shabaka and the Ancestors

WISDOM OF ELDERS  (Brownswood Recordings) LP

Tradition shapes your work. For saxophonist and bandleader Shabaka Hutchings, that’s something he’s long understood. After years spent in the orbit of London’s jazz circuit, he examines and reimagines his influences with a dexterity that’s unique. Drawing out the vision underlying his new album, he says, “I see energy as being a form of wisdom to be passed down through the ages.” Unpicking the album’s title, he continues, “When we study the music, the lives, the words of our master musicians we obtain a glimpse of that artist’s essential energy source. Continue reading Shabaka and the Ancestors

Soul and R&B (Back in the day)

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 The following is based upon my personal knowledge, personal research and personal experiences

I will preference my comments by stating that I have been in and around music for the past forty years and I am also a musician. I enjoy listening to all types of music, but I will readily admit that the fire in my musical heart is fueled by, what I call, “the real Soul and R&B” from back-in-the-day.  I witnessed its evolution and “almost demise” and I now sense the resurgence of this great art form.

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