Soul Discovery Radio Show (11-3-18)

Available for a limited time, to take with you on the go or simply enjoy again. Mick’s show is renowned for bringing together Soul, Jazz and Gospel music from both the classic and modern eras, delivered with a bewitching blend of knowledge and passion.

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Marcell & The Truth “Breathe love” (Basement Boy)
Marcell & The Truth “Sending you away” (Basement Boy)
Chuck Stephens “Paying for love” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
Mel Davis “Just another smile” (Remined) 7’
Them two “Am I good man” (Deep City) 7’
Ronnie Wright “For always”(Bespeak)
EL’ Willie “Shardarp II” (Cannonball) 7’
Prince Ellis “Love will make you mind so wild” (Ellis) 7’
The Precisions “My sense of direction (is blown)” (IZIPHO-SOUL) 7’
Chuck Stephens “Let’s get nasty” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
Young-Holt Unlimited “California montage” (Brunswick) 7’
Steve T “Something about you” (RFC Fresh Records)
Ruby & The Mudflaps “Is that enough” (Cordail Promo) 7’
Lizz Wright “Open your eyes, you can fly” (Verve)
Mr Vincent Ingala “Person touch” (Shanachie Entertainment Promo)
Blue Magic “What’s come over me” (Atlantic) LP
Glennard “Paradise” (Dizzwill)
Bernard McGee “California breeze(Susie Q)
The Sentiments “She won’t be gone long” (Transistor Sound) 7’
Garfield Fleming “Is that ok”(Pending Demo)
David Washington & Katrina Johnson “Ready for your love” (Soul Junction) 7’
Ronnie Wright “Let it go” (Bespeak)
Keith Barrow “You know you want to be loved”(Columbia) LP
Booker Newberry “I Can’t Forget About You”(Demo)
Benny Rose “You know you want to be loved” (Tropical Budda) 12’
Eloise Laws “Tenderness” (Scepterstein)
Chris Bowden “We are live” (UK Vibe)