Soul Discovery Radio Show (22-4-18)

Available for a limited time, to take with you on the go or simply enjoy again. Mick’s show is renowned for bringing together Soul, Jazz and Gospel music from both the classic and modern eras, delivered with a bewitching blend of knowledge and passion.

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Kamasi Washington ‘Fists of fury’(Young Turks Recordings)
E.R.I.C. ‘Nightlife’ (Soul Junction) 7’
Cornell Carter ‘That feelin’ (CDC)
Mark IV ‘I got everything’ (Cordial Recordings) LP
Vincent Ingala ‘I think I’m falling in love (with you)’ (Shanachie Promo)
Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY ‘My God has a telephone’ (Colemine Records) 7’
O.C. Tolbert ‘All I want is you’ (Kent)
O.C. Tolbert ‘(Marriage is only) a state of mind’ (Remined) 7’
O.C. Tolbert ‘Give it to glory’ (Promo)
The Michigan Soul Searchers ‘Where could I go’ (IZIPHO-SOUL) 7’
Gene Diamond ‘I’m only a man’ (Tag Ltd) 7’
The Harlem Gospel Travellers ‘He’s on time’ (Colemine) 7’
JP Rogers ‘Won’t you give me your love’ (Inculcation) LP
Rev: Harvey Gates ‘It’s hard to live in this old world’ (Aquarian) 7’
Dante Lewis Feat: Kevin Whalum ‘Been so long’ (Dante Lewis Music)
Joyce Elaine Yuille ‘Too son you’re old’ (Schema) LP
Tiffany Austin ‘I’m reaching out’ (Red Pearl)
Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sister ‘By grace thur faith’ (Peacock) LP
Brotha “When I’m with you” (Choir Boy Music Entertainment)
Frank Alstin ‘Girl I want to share my world with you’ (WMOT) 7’
Mark IV ‘Signs of a dying love(Cordial Recordings) LP
Jessica Lauren ‘Samba Jike’ (Freestyle Promo) LP