Soul Discovery Radio Show (29-4-18)

Available for a limited time, to take with you on the go or simply enjoy again. Mick’s show is renowned for bringing together Soul, Jazz and Gospel music from both the classic and modern eras, delivered with a bewitching blend of knowledge and passion.

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The James Taylor Quartet ‘Kyrie’ (Cherry Red Records)
Cornell Carter ‘That feelin’ (CDC)
Aura ‘Follow me (with your heart)’ (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’
Eric Dedonair McNair ‘Pay your love back’ (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’
Ramey Lewis ‘Wade in the water’ (Chess) 7’
Ramey Lewis ‘The in crowd’ (Argo) 7’
Ramsey Lewis ‘Spring high’ (Columbia) LP
Mark IV ‘I got everything’ (Cordial Recordings) LP
Ben Wiggins ‘Let bygones be bygones’ (Cannonball Records Promo) 7’
Jesse James ‘I’m in love with loving you’ (Soul Junction) LP
Pheel Smith ‘Girl next door’ (I on U Digital Records)
Linda Clifford ‘After loving you’ (Paramount) 7’
Big Jim ‘I apologize’ (Platinum Soul Records, Inc)
Bill King Quintet ‘City of dreams’ (7 Arts Music) LP
Mike Logan ‘He’ll never love you’ (Omnibus)
Roy Hightower ‘Don’t feel sorry for yourself’ (RH)
Stan Ivory ‘Darling I’ll be there’ (Total Control)
Garfield Fleming ‘Hustling’ (Cordial Recordings Promo) LP
Herman Hitson ‘The heart’ (Sweet Rose)
Mia Smiley ‘Feel what you think’ (I on U Digital Records)
Robert Montgomery ‘Time of the day’ (Soul Junction) 7’
Ben Pirani ‘Art school girl’ (Colemine Promo) 7’
Ben Pirani ‘Dreamin’s for free’ (Colemine Promo) 7’
John Anderson ‘Inner city blues’ (Cannonball Records Promo) 7’
Sandra Richardson ‘After you you give all’ (Kent Promo) 7’
Evette Busby ‘Not here not now’ (Cmn Records)
The DCW & Project feat: L. Sidney Davis ‘Show my love for you’
(Grand Jass Limited9