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After almost 35 years since his latest release, ex Motown soul singer Floyd Lawson prepares his return on the scenes with two brand new tracks on RK!
Record Kicks proudly presents the first new single in over 35 years by ex Motown recording artist Floyd Lawson. Floyd Lawson & The Hearts Of Stone popped up on Motown's subsidiary VIP label in 1970 with debut album “Stop the World: We Wanna Get Off”. Just over half a decade later, and after moving to Quebec, Floyd and the group recorded second full-length “Coming Out”, which remained unreleased until Canadian label AfroKats Records reissued a limited bunch of LPs in 2007. Crossover soul gems “Kgee” / “It Only Takes A Minute Girl” and “Air I Breathe” / “Rated X” were extracted from the record and released on Record Kicks 45s.
Now, 35 years since his last album was recorded, Floyd Lawson goes back to his roots and releases two brand new tracks on RK. On side A we find the upbeat “Roof Top Sugar”, a sizzling slice of funky crossover soul with a party vibe and festive atmosphere, backed on the flip by soulful midtempo tune “I Ain’t Going Nowhere”. With a fresh edge for 2011, we have no doubt this 45 marks a new chapter in Floyd Lawson’s musical career. It’s official folks, the soul king is back in business!
Release date 07/02/2011 on 45/Digital download.

I've Been Waiting / Don't Tell Me / Deep Fried Funk by HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE TASTEMAKERS
 Format: 45 MP3 Release Date:08/02/2011 Catalog #:MON005 Barcode:

Super limited self-produced 7' by new deep funk & soul sensation from the UK Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers now available on RK!
50copies only in stock. first come first served.

MON005 HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE TASTEMAKERS. Limited edition EP/7" and digital download A) 45rpm "I've Been Waiting" / B) 33rpm "Don't Tell Me" and "Deep Fried Funk".

RK is delighted to introduce its latest signing HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE TASTEMAKERS, a brand new deep funk & soul combo from the South Coast of the UK that has already gained praise from DJs such as Craig Charles (Funk & Soul Soul on BBC6) and Mick O'Donnell (Soul Discovery) Nik Weston (Mukatsuku / Guynamukat). Fronted by sensational soul diva Hannah Williams, whose warm and husky tones have been defined nothing less than "superb", The Tastemakers are one of those up and coming funk bands to look out for if you love the retro sound.

The group's very limited self-produced 7" has been getting increasingly popular within radio and club circuits and is now available for purchase here at the RK website on 7"/Digital Download. From straight-up soul piece "I've Been Waiting" to funky dance-floor numbers "Don't Tell Me" and "Deep Fried Funk", there's no doubt Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers throw down some heavy vibes that are sure to make this single turn into a saught-after rarity in little to no time, so hurry while supplies last! The band is currently busy in the studio and their debut album is expected to drop on Record Kicks next Autumn/Winter, so hold on tight if you're among the many eager to hear more!

THE BAKER BROTHERS - "The Young Patter" / "Patience"
available on 45/Digital in advance of Feb.28th release date only here at the RK website!!!
Southern UK boys The BAKER BROTHERS are back at it with a brand new double-sider 45. On side A they provide an infectious instrumental jazz-funk/jazz-dance number with “The Young Patter”, a horn-driven funky floor-filler complete with breakbeat and super catchy bassline you can’t help but respond to. On B, the group revisit Rokk’s mega rare and impossible to find 1976 modern soul single “Patience”, which Keb Darge claims is one of his favorite records and which was included in the recent “California Soul” compilation on Ubiquity.

The Baker Bros landed at RK late in 2010 with top notch 45 “Once I Had A Friend, judged to be among the best singles of 2010 according to iTunes UK and also included in the compilation “SoulShaker Vol.7”. The band however already had almost 10 years worth of prior experience under its belt, including 6 albums, 2 live DVDs and numerous singles. Having paid their dues and earned the respect of such names as Jazzman Gerald (Jazzman Records),Brother ?uestlove (The Roots / Okayplayer),Mick O'Donnell (Soul Discovery) Mark Lamarr (BBC 2), Dr. Bob Jones (Future Soul) and more, the band is now ready to push it to the next level and repeat the magic of their previous single with these two new tracks of soulful finesse available on 45 and Digital Download. A definite must-have!

14/02 - RK45 044 NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES - "Waitin' So Long" / "Lay It On The Line" 45/Digi. Two freshly brewed killer tracks by one of the most exciting emerging outfits of the contemporary scene. Gritty funk grooves on side A, and a smooth soul-jazz number on side B.
21/02 - RKX 035 THE LIBERATORS - self-titled CD/LP/Digi. Much awaited debut album by this afrobeat/jazz-dance supergroup from Sydney that features members of Dojo Cuts and can already count Gilles Peterson and Snowboy among its fans. Special guests on this album include Jojo Kuo (Fela / Egypt 80 / Daktaris) and Roxie Ray.
21/03 - RKX 039 THE THIRD COAST KINGS - self-titled CD/LP/Digi. Following the heavily acclaimed debut 45 on RK, this Detroit deep funk and soul combo prepares to launch its self-titled full-length, sure to be one of the big releases of 2011!
Jada Parolini
Record Kicks Sempione 38 20154 Milano
Tel +39 0236561042
Press Release:
New Kent 45s
Release Date:31st Jan 2011

CITY 017
At last the biggest Crossover record of the past decade, Spencer Wiggins 'I'm At The Breaking Point' is available on vinyl. A recent master tape discovery from the famed Fame studios, it is coupled with a stunning update of Bettye Swann's soul classic 'Make Me Yours'. This is a taster of the Fame wonders which Ace will issue in 2011.

CITY 018
The Willies (Bollinger and Walker) cut classic southern soul for Sound Of Memphis productions, though inexplicably few were issued at the time. These two sides have picked up a lot of modern soul plays from acetates and carvers in recent months and the limited edition press is sure to sell out fast.

CITY 019
'Ooh It Hurts Me', aka 'Sweet Baby' as released by Al Gardner, gained a huge following when the Metros RCA cover of it was discovered by Kent in the 90s. This is the original recording by the song's creator; the musical genius Larry Banks. Flip it over for the best version of his own composition 'Without Your Love' which was released as an LP track by the Hesitations, covered exquisitely by the Shaladons but given extra added punch by the unknown Bobby Penn.

TOWN 139 
Northern's gone funky in recent years and here's the track probably more responsible than any for the conversion. 'Suffering Wrath' is a tough title for a dirty, mean, belter of a song: beware.
Percy Milem's 'Call On Me' has been admired for decades by the soul cognoscenti but is about to take off big-time. It's just been featured in the recently released Northern Soul film "Soul Boy" and sounds perfect among the Wigan stompers; even if it never actually got spun there.

TOWN 140
We were tempted to put the stunningly rare combination of the Antellects and Ravins only known singles onto the Kent Select label. However they were actually issued at the time of their recording, even if there are less than ten of the former and possibly only two of the latter. Snap them up sharpish , before they dissolve into the ether once more.

Ady Croasdell
Sandra Wright - I Come Running Back / Please Don't Say Goodbye (Shotgun SHOT 106)

Following the success of our recent singles by Sam Dees, Eddie Floyd and Sir Ted Ford, we are proud to announce the release of this in-demand track by Sandra Wright.


‘I Come Running Back’ is a favourite with soul fans but this is the first time it has been issued as a single.


It was one of nine tracks Sandra recorded with producer David Johnson at Broadway Sound in Muscle Shoals in 1974. The masters were leased to Stax for an album project but only two singles were released (on the Truth label subsidiary) before Stax collapsed in bankruptcy in December 1975.


The Wounded Woman LP was eventually issued in 1989 and the popularity of ‘I Come Running Back’ has since grown to such an extent that it now warrants release as a single.


Sandra Wright was born in Memphis on October 1st, 1948. Her first two 45s were released on Decca’s Coral subsidiary in 1968 and 1969. Two 45s were issued on the Stax-owned Truth label in 1974 and 1975 but her album was shelved until 1989. Sandra also cut a 1986 single for T-Jaye Records in Nashville and fronted her own band.

She passed away on January 11th, 2010.



Manufactured and distributed by SELREC LTD
PO Box 357 Middlesbrough TS1 4WZ England
01642 806795
Fax: 01642 351962

Otis Williams - I Got To Have You / Take Me Back (Soul Intenton SI-005)
Release in late February

This has got to be one of the best 70's double-siders ever! The owner and producer Kent Washburn has this to say .......

"I am so pleased to see that these two masters finally get to the public. It finally confirms my belief way back in the early 70's, of the serious validity of: 

(1) the songs, (2) the musicians and (3) the technical staff. These tracks are seriously good, and why they never got released is a mystery to me at this point. I even chatted with Otis (Williams) recently, and he can't even remember why he was in St Louis to start with, or what prompted us to even cut the tracks either However, he does confirm that it is him, and yes, he does remember the songs and recording them, but he can't remember how the whole thing got hooked up to start with, and neither can I!! Never-the-less, Here are the people that helped create these two excellent sides.... Both Sides were Produced by Michael L Smith (now known as Michael Lovesmith, or just Lovesmith) along with Kent Washburn. Steve Litman, (the engineer that recorded and mixed all of their collaborations) was the Engineer. The musicians were the "A" team at that time in St Louis. This "CMC Rhythm Section" consisted of: Bass: Tom Zuzenak or Paul Jackson ( can't really remember which one played Otis' session, but I would think it was Tom Zuzenak from listening to it.) ... Drums: Michael Grimes, and Guitar: Phil Westmoreland ,(both were part of the group, Marcus Kelly and Westmoreland Co.), Keyboard: Michael L Smith. I used them on Everything I did, along with a keyboardist that was not on the Otis session, named: William "Billy B" Bickelhaupt. Some of the Horn Players were Tyrone Perry and David Hines, Myself, and some others whose names escape me (please Strings were the local Symphony Strings. And, almost 40 years later, Hello from St Louis, et, al.... You now get to finally hear it!!!"


 Daxwood Records is an independent label with roots in an all genres of music. Daxwood started as a recording company then evolved into a production company publishing and international label.  With a great team of writers producers and musicians, Daxwood is releasing material that is new old and timeless.  We are all about the music!  Hope you enjoy it!  It is from the soul!  A special thanks also to Mick O'Donnell and Souldiscovery for his love of soul music.
Doyle Wood 
1.  XXCeption To The Rule "Angel in Disguise"
Writer Vanessia Holland-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Track produced by Eldridge McMillian/Mixed and Mastered by DoyleWood/Recorded in 1991
Vanessia Holland is truly an Angel In Disguise
2.  Desmond Humphrey "Ready to Love"
Writer Desmond A. Humphrey-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
3.  Soulmello/Blake "So High"
Writers R. Blake, R. Pinkney-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Produced by Soulmello
Mixed and Mastered at Daxwood Recording Studio
4.  The Cobra Heart Band "Slam"
Writers M. Stokes, T. Brown-BMI
Daxood Publishing-BMI
Produced by Michael Stokes
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Doyle Wood-Daxwood
5.  Buddy Mcleod and II Reel featuring Stanley Thompson "Girl It's Not Over"
Writer Buddy Mcleod-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Produced by Buddy Mcleod, Mixed and Mastered by Doyle Wood /
6.  The Genius featuring Wanda Harris Tiller "Come Go With Me"
Writer Brian "The Genius" Morgan, Wanda Harris Tiller-BMI
Produced by The Genius
Z Music Factory-BMI/Daxwood Publishing-BMI
7.  Doyle Wood and the Cobra Heart Band "You're A Mystery"
Writer M. Stokes, R. Sledge-BMI
Produced by Michael Stokes and Doyle Wood
Extra vocals Stanley Thompson
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
8.  Pete Everett "Force Field"
Writer Pete Everett-ASCAP
Birch and Cinnamon Publishing-ASCAP
"Force Field" is a song about love all over the world - spread some
9.  The Cobra Heart Band "Let Me Hold You Tight"
Writer M. Stokes, T. Brown-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Released in 2009 on 45 RMP as the B side of "Thinking of You" 
10.  45 RMP Chicks "Sending You This Letter"
Writer Brian "The Genius Morgan and Leslie Booker-BMI
Produced by The Genius
Mastered by Doyle Wood/Daxwood
Z Music Factory-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
A group of talented teenage girls who write, perform, and sing their own music.  Teraasia Archer 12 (percussion/Vocals) Alexandra Washington 16 (Keys/Guitar)
Tayler Morgan 16 (Drums/Vocals) Katie Goulet 18 (Bass/Vocals)
11.  The Genius featuring Stanley Thompson "Anything Worth Having"
Writer Brian "The Genius" Morgan and Stanley Thompson
Produced by The Genius
Mastered by Doyle Wood/Daxwood
Z Music Factory-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI

12.  Reggie Codrington featuring Katie Goulet "Special Treasure"
Writer Brian "The Genius" Morgan, Reggie Codrington, and Katie Goulet
Produced by The Genius
Mastered by Doyle Wood/Daxwood
Z Music Factory-BMI/Humpty Music-BMI/Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Reggie and Ray Codrington are not only great artists but wonderful people and true friends
13.  Buddy McLeod and II Reel featuring Melanie Burke and Christopher Lakeith "A Mother's Love"
Writer Buddy McLeod-BMI
Produced by Buddy McLeod
Mastered by Doyle Wood/Daxwood
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Buddy wrote this song for his mother and would like to dedicate it to all the wonderful mothers in the world
14.  Christopher Lakeith "Simple Man"
Writer Chris Fairley-ASCAP
Dreman Music-ASCAP
Birch and Cinnamon-ASCAP
Produced by Buddy McLeod
With special guest musician Mike "Bones" Williams of Parliment and the Funkidelics
15.  Signature Series "Lady in Red"
Writer Kennedy Atkinson-BMI
Daxwood Publishing-BMI
Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Doyle Wood/Daxwood
Produced by Kennedy Atkinson
Daxwood Records
Doyle Wood

One of the few vocal groups on the Stax roster during the '60s, the Mad Lads' doo wop-influenced harmonies were more akin to what you might find in Philadelphia soul acts than those of their native Memphis. Featuring the high, innocent tenor of John Gary Williams, the group was still in high school

When they were signed to Stax in late 1964. In the mid-'60s, they enjoyed solid R&B hits with "Don't Have to Shop Around," "I Want Someone," and "I Want a Girl," although they never would cross over to the pop audience.

Williams and fellow Mad Lad William Brown were drafted in 1966, and their recording career was suspended while they were in Viet Nam (although the group continued to perform live with replacements). After their discharge, the Mad Lads’ subsequent efforts were more in the Stax soul/funk formula, and not as memorable as their more atypical mid-'60s singles.

The Mad Lads’ last Stax/Volt single was released in 1972; their last album came out in 1973.

Love Songs for Lovers is the Mad Lads’ first new album in almost forty years. On it, you’llhear the Mad Lads at their vocal best. Time has enhanced their talent rather than diminished it and LocoBop is proud to be associated with the release. It is, however, a bittersweet milestone as key member and group co-founder William Brown suffered a career-ending stroke soon after the sessions wrapped up at Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios in Memphis.