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Soul Discovery Radio Show (13-8-17)

Available for a limited time, to take with you on the go or simply enjoy again. Mick’s show is renowned for bringing together Soul, Jazz and Gospel music from both the classic and modern eras, delivered with a bewitching blend of knowledge and passion.

Our podcast is sponsored by GB Roofing
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Jay Proctor “Fifty- Fifty deal” (Forever more)
Kea Michaels “I love you” (KeaSoulMusic)
Echris “All my love” (RFC/Fresh Records Promo)
Bear Williams “Water of love” (GVR)
The Intrigues “You are so dear to me”” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
David Rector “Don’t forget to remember” (DRM)
Roz Ryan “Put love back” (7th Galaxy Promo) 7’
Barbara Jean English “You’re gonna need someboby to love
(while you’re looking for some to love)” (Alithia) 7’
Stephen Emmer & Patti Austin “Home ground” (Electric Fairytale Recordings)
Lalah Hathaway “You were meant for me” (Entertainment One)
Tyra Levone “Can’t love you more” (TL)
Najee feat:Eric Roberson “It is the way” (Shanachie)
Parker “This world’s gone mad” (Moesoul)
R. Jones /Curtis E. Scott “Fallin again” (CesWho Productions)
“Let me love you tonight” (Soul Junction Promo) 12’
Clarence Dobbins “I don’t know (CDS)
Patt Mack “Someday” (Promo)
Robert Owens “In your life time” (Bud) 12’
Kooly “Count 123” (Bud) 12’
John Vaughan “In your eyes” (Bud) 12’
Melvin Brown & James Matthews “Crying for your love” (IZIPHO SOUL ) 7’
Wilton Crump “Give your love to me” (Soul Junction) CD
Morris Jefferson “It’s the time around for me” (Good Luck) 7’