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Soul Discovery Radio Show (18/12/16)

Soul Discovery Radio Show – First broadcast on Sunday 18th December 2016.

Available for a limited time, to take with you on the go or simply enjoy again. Mick’s show is renowned for bringing together Soul, Jazz and Gospel music from both the classic and modern eras, delivered with a bewitching blend of knowledge and passion.

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Our podcast is sponsored by GB Roofing

Stan Ivory and his Omniscient Orchestra
“Come live with me” (Total Control) 12’
David Anthony, Lisa Millett & DJ Spen “This time baby”
(Promo Quantize Recordings)
Jay King feat: Joe Leavy “Good kind of lovin’ (Promo CMusic)
Earl Young & Darryl Grant “Don’t undermate the power of love”
(Universal Music )
Mr X “Slip away for Christmas” (Hep’me)
Energy MC2 “Other of the mirror” (Soul Junction) 7’
Alfonzo Wilcox “Rain” (Jaguar Studios)
Impact “I’m a winner” (Full Scales) LP
Phil Perry “Feelin you” (Shanachie)
Barbara Mason “I love having you around” (Society Hill)
Joey Gilmore “Somebody done took my baby and gone” (Saadia) 7’
Sandra Richardson “After you give your all” (Promo Kent)
Linda Jones “If only we had meet sooner” (Kent)
Jones &Gaston and The Cannonballs “Do you get the message” (Cannonballs)
Crystal Winds “Signs of winter time” (Cash Ear) LP
Ail Tennant “Tell me what you want” (Seven Ibs Records)
David Hudson “The best is yet to come” (Soul Junction) LP
Breakwater “Gift of love” (Expansion)
Willie Hutch “I can sho‘ can give love” (Motown) LP
Arnold Blair “Finally made It home” (Triumph) 7’
Hoagy Lands “Reminisce” (Spectrum) 7’
Tyrone Burwell “Memories” (CFM) 12’
Archie Love feat: J. Blackfoot “My only girl” (TAM)
Geoff McBridge “Christmas is” (GM)
Don Hollinger ‘Let him go” (Mercede) 7’
Ron Djohn “Must be love” (Jook)