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Lady Wray

“Do it again” / “In love (don’t mess it up)
Big Crown Records is proud to present Do It Again the first single from Lady Wray’s new album Queen Alone. The 45 and upcoming album is produced by Leon Michels and Thomas Brenneck. Do It Again is a tune addressing the complexities of love. On one hand it’s the story of a failed relationship, on the other hand it’s the story of a revered intimacy. Ultimately finding Nicole willing to get back into it regardless of the consequences. The classic, drum heavy production, paired with Nicole Wray’s powerhouse vocals will surely have sweet soul enthusiasts and beat makers stockpiling copies for years to come. Continue reading Lady Wray


“It’s so real / I’ll Never trust love again”

Release Date: Monday June 27th 2016

McArthur were an all male vocal quartet founded by former Royal Joker, Willie Cornelius Jones during 1974. Willie had begun the early 1970’s as the lead singer and founding member of vocal grup The 21ST Century who later, due to a name clash with The 21ST Century on RCA, became just The 21ST. Continue reading McArthur

Betty Boo

“My Man Flint”

Betty Boo A.K.A Betty Winston who along with her late sister Jackie, and fellow sisters Diane and Pat Lewis recorded three 45 singles for the legendary Detroit Golden World label during 1964 and 1965 under the group name of The Adorables. With their final Golden World release “Ooh Boy/Devil In His Eyes” (GW-25) becoming a hugely collectable dance floor favourite in more recent times. Continue reading Betty Boo

Soul Togetherness 2016 – 15 Modern Soul Room

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Various Artists
Release Date: 30 September 2016

Expansion’s most successful and longest running compilation series returns with a 2016 edition. This is in the label’s 30th anniversary year, “Soul Togetherness” an annual event since 2000. The concept remains the same, fifteen must have modern soul room gems taken from the yeara’s biggest dancefloor spins and revival tracks on the soul scene.

Continue reading Soul Togetherness 2016 – 15 Modern Soul Room

Why do we collect records?

Why ask me?

I don’t know. Why do women look into a full wardrobes, sigh, and say ‘I’ve nothing to wear’.

Why do people take cars only couple of years old and in perfect working order and change them for a newer model? Why do people spend millions on a canvas with paint splattered on it?

It’s their money, they do what they want with it. Me? I’m happy buying records. I buy them because I like them. 1962 to 2010 couldn’t care less, as long as the vocal’s there, no problem. Get it in the collection. Photos too, especially the 60s ones, black & white photographs – magic. And the songsheets. And dentures, yeah, false teeth as worn by Sy Hightower. Continue reading Why do we collect records?

Dee Dee Warwick

You Tore My Wall Down”/”Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow”

Dee Dee Warwick was born Delia Mae Warrick on September 25th 1945, in East Orange, New Jersey.Dee Dee began her musical career singing alongside her elder and more famous sister Dionne Warwick in the family gospel group ‘The Drinkard Sisters’ who were led by their aunt Emily “Cissy” Houston (the mother of the late Whitney Houston). Dee and Dionne later formed their own gospel ensemble ‘The Gospelaires’ who also entered the field of secular music singing backing vocals for many of the hit acts of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Continue reading Dee Dee Warwick

Lee Fields & The Expressions

“Special Night” (Pts 1 & 2)
Class is in session and all the youngins out there shaking a tail feather and playing dress up are about to be schooled by the ageless, timeless, and always present, Mr. Lee Fields. “Special Night” is the latest offering from a man whose career has spanned 50 years and as Oliver Wang of NPR once said, “In a curious case of musical evolution, the older Fields becomes, the closer he gets to perfecting the sound of soul that he grew up with as a young man.” “Special Night” is no exception.

An epic 6 minute jam Continue reading Lee Fields & The Expressions

Perk Of The Job

Little Milton “Don’t Leave Me” /  “I’ll Never Turn My back On You” (Checker)

I don’t wheel out ‘incredible’ too often as music is a personal thing and what has me dancing around the warehouse and screaming WTF/OMG/FFS may leave others twiddling their thumbs and waiting for the next Tim Tam & the Turn Ons 45 to come alongThis then is not for all. However, for those who like to face the real roots of soul minus their under armour, come in friend, here’s a live on. “Don’t” is one of those sides that is so good, so soulful, I’ll wager it’s never had an airing at a venue. If it has, well, fair play to anyone who has championed it. Continue reading Perk Of The Job