Melvin Brown & James Matthews

“Crying for your love”(Previously unreleased) “Love stormy weather”(IZIPHO SOUL 45)


Melvin Brown – ‘Crying For Your Love’ is an incredible piece of previously unreleased Soul Music! Recorded in the same 1976 session as the legendary ‘Love Stormy Weather’, which will be on the other side. (clip attached, please excuse movie sound quality and be assured the actual record will be clear and crisp)

I am taking reservations at £15 a copy (not pre orders, no payment required until the record is out in July) please message me if you would like to secure a copy.

It’s an absolute pleasure working on this project with the man himself Movin’ Melvin Brown.

Melvin Brown is still active in the entertainment industry. Truly a renaissance man. He is a wonderful singer, dancer, writer, philosopher and man of peace. His energy and his spirit light up any room. He has devoted his life to sharing his joy with the world.

Many thanks