Ann Franklin

CBLL015P – “Movin’ On” (Cannonball Records) 7′

This is the second production in the pipeline we have mutually set up with master Rob Sevier at Numero Group. Like all the raw material we have lined up to this project, this recording comes from a reel tape and look, the original demo version (B side, 2nd half of the video) is a 75 bpm example of what soul vocals are all about, Depth & Vibe Inc.

The singer here is Ann Franklin, a reliable vocalist who backed as a shifter almost all the great bands in Chicago area but sadly never got to release something on her own. We really struggled to find our way in the arrangement for the side A and it pushed us to part with our “dancefloor perspective” for a while, so we decided to go for a plain simple completion of the sound, speeding it up just a very little and playing the instruments as a hommage to the lead singer