Mr. Wonderful Band

“We ain’t got no $$$” (CBLL017 Cannonball Records) 7’

After the deep funk, the raw funk, the street funk, the modern funk, the jazz funk and the prison funk, here we go with the first example of dollar funk ha ha ha. Jokes aside, some of you may recall a little post I did a couple of weeks ago about old school american soul artists who are still doing their music. So, this one is the first of our 2 todays releases. The first version was recorded last year at a studio in Louisville (Kentucky) by a band that gathered together again after several years and privately released it on a 45 which has been brought to me by my pal Dave.

When I called Ron Lewis to give him my congratulations for the great music, it came out they will be doing more stuff and trying to round up other old school Louisville musicians in the attempt to revive the soul and funk sounds in the area. I told him we are at their service if they wanted to export their sounds overseas, and that bit of conversation went more or less like this:

Ron: “Yeah man, we gonna doing this stuff more and more”
Alberto: “Let’s get it on Cannonball wax and make it listened around the world”
Ron: “Yeah man let’s do it, that’s my stuff man”
Alberto: “…But Ron, you know we are a club label and we do music specifically for dancefloors so we might need to make some changes to the song…”
Ron: “Yeah man do it, we are dance people!”

Their original track was over 5 minutes long and, as those of you into vinyl pressing stuff might probably know, on a 45 the longer the track the poorer the sound fired out of the grooves. That means that if we wanted to pull out good sounding stuff to be pumped off nowadays sound systems we had to do some work on it. So, after some laughs and a few more “Yeah man” Ronal gave us the go to Cannonballize a little their original cut, basically Rhodes, drums, guitars and congas plus a little remodeling of the vocal layout, and here it is the result. Get a copy, play it out loud, and see the ceiling start cracking right after a few bars to eventually tumble down on your head.

Alberto Zannai