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Crystal Motion

“Crystal Motion” was a singing group from “New Bedford” Massachusetts. The group was formed in 1974 and the original members were “Kevin Gomes”(lead vocals),” Rodney (Skeeta)Santos”(and cousin to Kevin), Daniel(Buddy)Monterio” (A lifelong friend),and “John Paris”. The group was managed by”Carter Management”(Eddie Carter) Of Onset, Mass., who now resides in Orlando, Fl.. They had a brush with stardom in 1975 with a recording called” You’re My Main Squeeze”, which was on the “Sound Gems” record label, and was a small hit in the Boston, Mass. and Providence, R.I. area. It also was played on radio stations in Philly, Atlanta and Houston, Texas.

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The New Creation

“The Fish Song” / “Elijah Knows” (Soul Junction SJ541) 7’
Release Date: Monday 28th January 2019

  • The New Creation were a five piece ensemble made up of family members Robert Randle (Aka Rasheed Shakoor Sr) his son Keith Randle (aka Rasheed Shakoor Jr) their nephew/cousin Melvin Houston, friends William Cooper (aka Wali Ali) and a fifth unrelated member remembered only as Wayne E-2X. William Cooper the co- founder and musical director of The New Creation, was a guitarist who had previously worked with Norman Whitfield at Motown and had toured with The Undisputed Truth and The Jackson Five. He would later be employed by HB Barnum as part of Areatha Franklin’s touring band an association that would be relevant later in The New Creation’s story.
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Derek Damian

“Watcha wanna do” / “Never felt so good” (IZIPHO Records)

In 2011, Dallas based singer, songwriter Derek Damian recorded the powerfully uplifting ‘Watcha Wanna Do’, it’s freshness remains and releasing this on a 7’’ single, attends to unfinished business!
The flip side, ‘Never Felt So Good’, is an insanely romantic ballad, once again showcasing The Baritone Of Love’s guttural vocals.

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Jay Nemor and Electrified

“Mother Got a Way” (Tesla Groove TSL002)
Out on February 2019!

American/ Icelandic singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist, actor Jay Nemor (Jason Nemor Harden) is deeply connected to the very roots of soul music. He comes with a smooth and soulful style that is in touch with the classic sound of soul & RnB. He imparts a passionate message for life, love and music with his signature baritone-bass voice.

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Bernadette Bascom

“I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” / “Seattle Sunshine” (IZIPHO SOUL Records) 7’

Bernadette Bascom! We will be releasing the sublime piece of music: ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love’, this literally melts the hearts of those who have been blessed with gifted ears. The B side, the powerful ‘Seattle Sunshine’ is still Bernadette’s trademark song.
Paying homage to the 1981 7’’ single (with the original sides reversed) as well as being packaged in a gloss laminated sleeve, this record also contains an inlay card entitled: ‘Just Who Is Bernadette Bascom?’ which documents the story of this inspirational lady.

A donation from sales of this record will be made to The Music Project This is a charitable organisation, founded and headed up by Bernadette, which helps underprovided and vulnerable youth find a voice literally and figuratively.

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The Internationals

“Beautiful Philosophy/Too Sweet To Be Lonely” (Soul Junction SJ1013) 7’

Legendary songwriting siblings Richard and Robert Poindexter often during the 1960’s frequented the CBS Building at 1697 Broadway and 53rd St (formerly known as the Ed Sullivan Building). On several of their visits they noticed a young man by the name of James “B.J.” Barnes, using one of the building’s many rehearsal rooms. Eventually the Poindexter’s invited B.J’ to partake in one of their open rehearsals. Asked to give their honest opinion regarding his voice, although they both liked him the brothers felt he didn’t have a strong enough voice to be a solo performer and recommended that he join or became a group. The very next day B.J returned with two other singers by the names of Randy and Tony, again the Poindexter’s liked what they heard but felt potentially this new ensemble still needed a fourth member, this situation was rectified with the addition of Douglas “Smokey” Scott the groups eventually lead singer.

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Tony Borders

“Promise To Myself” (Diggin’ Deep ) DD 003A 

Two stunning sides, each with a very different flavour, though both are classic ‘Muscle Shoals’ soul tracks, emanating from Quin Ivy’s famous Quinvy Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama, USA.
“Promise To Myself” is a side which has received huge appreciation for many years, at the most discerning soul music venues, worldwide. Copies are in the hands of the very few, and there simply aren’t enough to go around. This exclusive Diggin’ Deep issue is its first release in almost 40 years. Out now for a very limited time on vinyl 45.

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C J & Co

“Let Them Talk” (Diggin’ Deep ) DD 002A

The ‘A’ side is a fabulous mid-tempo, 70’s soul stepper from C J & Co, produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey. A killer modern soul track which has received massive appreciation wherever it’s been played during the past 12 months. It’s a ‘slipping around’ love song with a fabulous hook that will grab everyone from the get go. And the vocals are absolutely superb! All who have heard it agree, it’s uncanny that something of this quality could have shown up some 40 years after it was recorded. We believe that “Let Them Talk” will become a massive dancefloor favourite on this, its very first issue in any format, anywhere in the world! Out now for a very limited time on vinyl 45.

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Willie Walker

“Two Paces Ahead Of Love” (Diggin’ Deep ) DD 001A

The ‘A’ side is a scorching mid-tempo, Deep Soul stepper from the legendary Willie Walker. A ‘crossover soul’ track which has already proven itself on the floor at such progressive venues as Soul Essence and Diggin’ Deep. We believe that “Two Paces Ahead Of Love” will become a firm dancefloor favourite on its very first vinyl issue.

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