The Exceptions/Milton Bennett

Both these tracks are from the GWP production team out of New York, which started in 1969 by Jerry Purcell. These sides are up there with anything the GWP label put out on vinyl during its three-year tenure:

THE EXCEPTIONS – SO MUCH IN LOVE (Bennie Gordon, Chuck Dean) 
The Exceptions were a group that Benny Gordon brought to GWP Records. Not related to others of the same name, this unknown group can certainly sing and they deliver a stunning performance here on a song which Benny co-wrote and recorded himself on his own Estill Records. It is an easy-going group soul number that has been well received by the Low Rider and Sweet Soul community of South Los Angeles, via advance copies in the hands of Ruben Molina and Arlene Sepulveda (Soulera 5150). It’s a beautifully crafted love song timed for release on Valentines day 2020. 

Though he is best remembered for his song writing, including seminal works such as ‘Go Now’, ‘Showdown’ and Kenny Carter’s ‘Don’t Go’, Milton Bennett was also a very good singer. Northern Soul fans will be very familiar with his ‘What’s One More Lie’ and here we have another traditional ‘old school’ uptempo dancer that could do some serious damage on that scene. Quite why this fabulous record remained in-the-can is a mystery, but here it is now, some 50 years since its recording.