“Exercise my love” / “I don’t know what it is,but it sure is funky” (IZIPHO Soul Records) 7’

Catalog: ZP51
Release Date: June 2020

IZIPHO SOUL are ecstatic to collaborate with Marlin McNichol’s Angel Dove Global. Legendary 70s funk band Ripple.

Ripple return with their two original members – Curtis “Kazoo” Reynolds & Keith “Doc” Samuels – as RIPPLE 2.20. For the first project, we present a brand new version of John Edwards ‘Exercise My Love’, this is no ordinary cover, check out the slick production and Doc Samuels’ incredible vocals! On the flip we’ve gone as funky as we’ve ever dared to venture. A remix of Ripple’s signature song, with a fresh modern twist, that will ignite your record rooms now and dance floors so