Soul of Superbad

‘In the name of love / I want ‘cha (IZIPHO Soul Records) 7’

Catalog: ZP48
Release Date: June 2020

IZIPHO SOUL are extremely proud to release, on a 7” single, the track dubbed as the ‘soul soundtrack to the summer of 2020’ . Pressed in frosted white or black vinyl – 250 of each colour.

This two step vibe has everything going on: warm vocals, wah wah electric piano, strings, funky bass, rhythmic drums and congas.

Bonus 1: On the flip you get the previously unreleased IN THE NAME OF LOVE – a mesmerising SOS Band / Fatback styled groove. Soundcloud clip for the first ever listen!

Bonus 2: A FREE SOUND OF SUPERBAD BEER MAT with every order in replica label design!​​​​​​​