Andrea Henry

“I Lost You”/ “I need you like a baby” (Soul Direction) 7′

Catalog: SD001
Release Date: 5-10th October 2020

Firstly credit goes to Jason @ Carolina soul for helping to unearth this and other great unreleased tracks.From the Vaults of the Don Davis estate and penned by Tony Hestor this albeit a version of the Hollidays classic track on Groove City this track stands up on it’s own terms and is different enough to make it stand alone as a future classic.

Janeen Henry is of course Andrea Henry from Cincinnati (Andrea Janeen Henry) of Blue Rock fame.Release Date Early October with the help of a fellow USA Collector this will be a limited new release on the New Soul Direction label.

The B Side is the Classic track which is a massive favourite
on the Northern Soul scene for both Collectors and Dancers

The Soul-Direction Team