Mike James Kirkland

“Love Scenario” /  “Alberto’s Groove

Catalog: CBLL032
Release Date: November 2020
Format: 7” – 33rpm – 4 tracks Mini E.P. Picture Sleeve w/Booklet

Mr. Mike James Kirkland, a legend who’s dear to our european Soul Community having performed live in Bilbao to a packed Kafe Antzokia in 2015 and counting several tunes in the top list of many great djs. MJK sent us a collection of demos written and produced by himself, his brother Robert and a few other Artists at the dawn of the 90’s which never made to the stage of arrangement/production/release. He said he would have been pleased for us to present our vision and, if the ideas we would submit to him were good enough, then a real project would take off.

So Electrified presented their classic iron-snare take to it, which Mike absolutely loved. Then I personally felt the urge of doing a 4 beats arrangement in analog which gives it a late night modern room appeal and this version was approved too. So here we are with a project meant to celebrate the late Robert Kirkland, beloved brother and music team buddy who Mike James dedicates this release to. I’m biting my nails off as I’d love to tell you more than this, but then there won’t be much left to read on the beautiful booklet Fabio has done which comes with this record. The only way to know it all is to get yourself a copy and read the notes on the booklet and on the back of the picture sleeve.

Alberto Zanini