Tommy Stewart

“Fulton County Line” / “Riding High” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’

Catalog: ZP-53
Release Date: 20th November

The 1976 self titled Tommy Stewart LP is one one of the most sought-after disco albums in the world. Recorded at Sound Pit Studios, Atlanta, Georgia.

Musical legends Marlin McNichols, Bill Wright and Tommy Stewart’s
super funky disco productions went way past the usual disco sound at that time.

We are thrilled to select for the first time ever on a 45 two of the album’s highlights: Fulton County Line and Riding High.

On a personal note, this is a dream come true. As a 17 year old ‘Fledgling Soul Boy’ this album and particularly Fulton County Line was a game changer for me. Knowing that Tommy Stewart has endorsed and is excited about this release; well it just doesn’t get any better!

Patrick Biggerstaff
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