GoGo Penguin 

The first single from “Live from Studio 2’ A Digital EP
A blistering live set recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

Release Date: November 27th 2020

‘Petit_a’ was the final track written for the band’s recent album, GoGo Penguin, and was originally included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of that album. The composition, which draws its enigmatic title from the work of French psycho-analyst Jacques Lacan, offers a magical journey through melodic hip-hop and driving acoustic drum & bass.

GoGo Penguin have been hailed as the “Radiohead of British Jazz”, but they draw equally on rock, jazz and minimalist influences, alongside the intricacy of Aphex Twin or Four Tet to create their punchy, experimental, but always beautiful music.
On October 29 the band broadcast, GoGo Penguin Live from Studio 2, a virtual concert filmed at one of the band’s favourite studios, the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios, London. World-famous as the studio of choice for The Beatles, Studio 2 is a unique space, part myth, part sacred space and blessed with a brilliant acoustic. For the band it was the perfect venue for a live concert film.

But while the virtual concert was originally intended as a live event only, the band were so inspired by recording in Studio Two and so happy with the performance and the sound of the recordings, masterminded by their regular producer Joe Reiser, that they have now selected seven of the tracks from the concert to be released as a digital only EP. Including the first single, Petit_a, which was originally released as a Japanese bonus track on their recent album, GoGo Penguin, but which is a firm favourite of the bands and a track they were especially looking forward to playing live.

This then is GoGo Penguin Live from Studio 2 the sound of a great band playing live in one of the most iconic studios in the world. Enjoy!