Abi Farrell

“I will see you through” (Big AC Records)

Release Date: 23rd November 2020 Digital Download
Limited edition 7” vinyl in early 2021

An iconic pizzicato string intro creeps up on you before exploding into warm gospel tones, punctuated by lush, girl-group sensibilities. Whilst the nod to Motown and 60’s soul is undeniable, Abi’s modern delivery, allied by reflective,inspirational lyrics and the nuanced production of Mitch Ayling (The Milk) make ‘I Will See You Through’ a contemporary triumph.

The song wraps a reassuring arm around the listener, highlighting the importance of lending an ear to a close friend in need; a more than appropriate sentiment for today.


Described by London’s ‘Soul Stripped Sessions’ as ‘a powerhouse and then some’, Oxfordshire’s Abi Farrell was raised on a soundtrack of female-driven pop, funk and soul.
Influences from the likes of Aretha, Carole King, Eva Cassidy and Chaka Khan may all be present in Abi’s music but each song is brought into the here and now by her effortlessly pure voice and lyrical dexterity.
In November 2019 she released her debut EP ‘The Only Way I Learn’ which has amassed nearly 50K streams to date.
Following its release, Abi was named Richer Unsigned’s ‘Artist of the Week’ – “Abi’s control and vibrato of her incredible vocal tone is truly stunning”.
At an East London jam In February 2020, a chance meeting with Nick Corbin (New Street Adventure, Lack of Afro, Laville), sparked a songwriting partnership that would develop fruitfully over lockdown.
A shared love of soulful music contributed to ‘Empowered’ – Abi’s solo composition, re-produced in demo form by Nick – and the co-written ‘I Will See You Through’.
The songs attracted the attention of producer, Mitch Ayling (The Milk), who invited Abi and her band to record at Woods Lodge Studio in Essex.

Written by Abi Farrell and Nick Corbin
Produced by Mitch Ayling at Woods Lodge Studio Mastered by Nick Burchall
at Audio Animals
Art Direction by Sophie Heath
Photography by Mélanie Lehmann