The Words of Wisdom and Truth Review

“Don’t need your love” / “What you do to me”

Label: Tesla Groove International / Cannonball Records / 4Quarti
Catalog: CBLL034
Release Date: Early March 2021
Format: 7” – 45rpm – Core Black Vinyl – Limited Edition 250 + 20 TP’s

It all started when Herman “Butch” Slaughter whose technical training in music came from being First Chair/First Chair Baritone in a few school choirs. He had several attempts at putting a group together eventually leading to the creation of The Words of Wisdom with Karen Slaughter, Robert “Buck” Vaughn, Rosa Lunderman and Mabel Heart. 

They started earning some good popularity at the crossing of the seventies and eighties although experienced some quick lineup changes until they disbanded in 1982 short after cutting these two belters. Stable artists at the legendary Lamp  – the so called “Naptown’s Motown” –  these guys were part of the sparkling funk soul scene of Indianapolis alongside the likes of The Vanguards and The Fabulous Souls. Writer, producers, studio owners involved in these recordings all passed away except Herman Slaughter, founder member of the band and a blasting dj still active on his scene. 

The recordings presented on this release went lost until 2 years ago. It’s been necessary a massive audio repair/restoration, hope you will appreciate the job we’ve done with them. Ah…why the Sex Pistols fashioned writing?