Coco Collier

‘Here Comes The Rain’ / ‘Instrumental’ 

Label: Tesla Groove International / Cannonball Records / 4Quarti Catalog: TSL011 – Release Date: May 2021 – Format: 7’

The amazing singer from our best selling artists duo The Swans of New England delivers this stunning soul take on the Eurithmycs classic from the 80’s givin’ evidence that soul music can turn everything from average limestone bricks to precious gold bars.

Of course it was necessary to provide Coco’s vocals with the right arrangement but it’s just a slight contribution from Manny (the other half of the Swans) and myself to the developement of this very Tesla Groove fashioned sound exploration. We well know this experiment will kind of shock some of you but in all honesty we are all about takin’ on new paths of discovery.