Gail Lou

‘I still love’ /‘Instrumental’ 

Label: Tesla Groove International / Cannonball Records / 4Quarti Catalog: QQT004 – Release Date: May 2021 – Format: 7’

A pumping ground-to-air dance missile written and produced at the dawn of the new  century by a duo with some huge music background. Hailing from Montclair State University, Gail Lou is an acclaimed performer, musical director and vocal coach. Her vocal performances in Tri-State’s recording sector, as both lead singer and background vocalist, span from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, to Soul and electronic Dance.

Alongside Shawn Lucas, who’s the behind-the-scene producer of the duo, she’s been laying down compositions for music releases and opera and theatre shows soundtracks. This release comes out of a Funk Investigation of my brother Yann. Remastered and adapted to the 7” format it went just straight in the pipeline.