Alexander Morris

“Isn’t she petty girl” / “Love’s knocking”

‘Soul Discovery
Love’s knocking Record of the year’

Label: (Angle Dove Global / 812 Records / Jam Deuce / Izipho Sou Records) 7’ – Catalog:  ZP66  – Release Date: August 2021 – Format 7’

We are proud to present the first vinyl release from the current lead singer of The Four Tops – the soulful, raw and real Alexander Morris! 

Upon hearing “Pretty girl”, you are probably asking yourself, how on earth is this new recording got such an authentic ‘Northern’ feel – well the answer is the musicians are the cream of Detroit players, led by Earl Van Dyke Jr. – music director, arranger and conductor for The Four Tops. Written and produced by fellow ‘Top’, the legendary Ronnie McNeir. Our thanks extend to Ronnie for allowing Alex to stamp his own mark on this Detroit classic.

Love’s knockin’ was set to be recorded by The Temptations until Dr Marlin McNichols used all his powers of persuasion to keep it ‘in house’ and we are so pleased he did. Immerse yourself into this slow jam – two minutes in and there’s no going back – the truly outstanding close ‘God did make little green apples…..’ will leave you wanting more!

Patrick Biggerstaff
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