Dwayne Scivally

Was born 9/29/1960 and I started singing in church in the choir around the age of 10.  I also played drums, clarinet and saxophone in school.  I served 5 years in the United States Air Force.  I am the father of 2 amazing daughters.   I started singing professionally in 2011 in local venues in Nashville. 

I was signed to Tate Music Group in 2015 and released my first cd in 2016 titled “Stay Until The Morning”.  One of the songs “The Point of No Return” was rated number 4 on the UK Vibe magazine for best song of the year. 

My latest album is titled “Soul of Nashville”.  Produced by Thomas Gee of Paris, France.  It’s an 80’s style soul music production.  The project was his conception, with me writing all the lyrics and vocals.  Thomas produced all the music on the album.