Label: Last Bastion Records
Catalog: LB01 Release
Date:  Friday 25th February 2022
Format: 7’ Vinyl 

Over last year or so you long time member Andy Bellwood has been working on a new label, looking like it’s all coming together as we have just had details of the first release for 2022!

How this release came about, was that musically, on fire and inspired by words and advice from his friend Curtis Mayfield, veteran Chicago soul/blues vocalist Lou and a backing band, visited David Earl’s Severn Record studios, Maryland USA In 2004. There he recorded a treasure trove of soul for the ‘Keep on Believing’ (Severn Records) cd release, plus remarkably a complete remake of his 1972 Northern Soul classic 45 “I’m com’un home in the morn’un” which was originally released on El Paso (Texas) label, Suemi and now commands in excess of £7k.

In addition to the full length 2004 recording which forms the flip side, the A side (also produced by David Earl) is a new Dj /radio station edit destined to be a dance floor and Northern Soul favourite.
Detour Records in conjunction with Last Bastion Records brings you this Monster Northern Soul release….

Last Bastion Records ‘Making Music Matter’.

A new indie label committed to making recordings available for the first time, on limited edition 45s. First up on our label is Lou Pride’s sensational 2004 unreleased recording of ‘I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un” This is not a reissue of the 1970’s Suemi 45.

“It’s been my pleasure and privilege to have had the opportunity to release this limited edition 45 and in doing so, launch Last Bastion Records. Hopefully it’s also a fitting tribute to George Louis Pride” Andy Bellwood (Last Bastion Records)

Neither track has previously been committed to vinyl, with the A side previously unreleased in any format. Only 300 Copies being pressed and once they are gone they are gone!