Listeners Reviews

Benjamin Jones…UK
Mick. You are a legend, been listening to your shows since the Solar Radio days. No one has the passion you have have for good music. All the best and keep doing what you do best.

Peter Churchill….Stockholm Sweden
I’ve been Collecting and listening to soul for 45 years, I’ve listened to your show for many years and it just gets better, you just Keep finding tracks that blow me away for ex Karan Clarke “He loves me” Willie Hutch, “I can sho can give love” Sandra Richardson, Madeleine Bell etc, I’m hard to please but you just about knock it on the Head for me. I was a regular tourer in the 80s seeing and enjoying all the top artist , Jean Carn, Maze, Patti, Shirley Brown, Bobby Womack, Barry W, Incognito, PAZ the amazing Jazz Q, LSG, Gladys, Luther V and many more amazing gigs with a lot of goosebumps and fantastic memories.
Them times are difficult too experience again but that doesn’t mean theres not a lot off quality top soul artist out there today, its just a big act to follow.

Aaron…(The Bronx, United States, now living in Birmingham, United Kingdom)
I want you to know your radio show is the best thing I’ve heard in years. I have had the great pleasure of growing up in NYC in the 60’s, 70’s and some of the 80’s and I put you up there with Frankie Crocker a famous NYC radio DJ on WBLS! You are REAL QUALITY at what you do!!
After leaving NYC I’ve lived in the bay area listened radio all over the US, moved to England 16 years ago and I have been listening to Solar for a few years now and only discovered your show this Sunday!
Thanks for the breath of fresh air with your radio show and the ability to be able to listen on podcast, perfect for the fast pace world we live in now!!! This is the review I put on iTunes:
“This is what my view of quality music is suppose to be! Flawlessly delivered with knowledge, insight and the enthusiastic ease of blending old and new good music. Mick and his Soul Discovery radio show has been the best thing I’ve heard for many years!! … Listen and Enjoy”

Z.K.R. WOW…Life enhancing music delivered with real passion and knowledge. 

Soul dream… Cardon Banik  Stumbled on Soul Discovery radio show, after trying several radio apps (which did not reach my expectations) and love the shows, the choices of tracks. I almost love everyone of

Soul Music Heaven…2021 Soul Discovery best Soul music on the radio, welcome back.

Aaron A.  Soul Discovery what a find!! This is what my view of quality music is suppose to be! Flawlessly delivered with knowledge, insight and the enthusiastic ease of blending old and new good music.Mick and his Soul Discovery radio show has been the best thing I’ve heard for many years!! Listen and Enjoy

Antonis Lioumis
I am writing from Athens, Greece, where soul music is almost a non-existing genre. Following you from Solar era, you cannot understand how much happy you made me with your come back. Needless to say you’re my #1 DJ.
No-one can make this blend and create the mood as you do. Thank you so much!!!!

Ray Brown…..Northampton
I kept looking for you Mick after you left solar radio and at last I have found you sunshine in the gloom of the virus. As wonderful as ever

Mark Swanson….UK
Welcome back Mick, I missed your show and musical taste. I share the passion you have for quality soul music and am glad your back. I really enjoy your show and how you give quality soul music and soul artists the exposure they do not get elsewhere. Hope you are well and take care.

Sean Truman…UK
Hi Mick just wanna say we are still playing your Mixcloud podcasts from 2008 and just like to say you were so ahead of your time playing your selections we play your music all day long and they still sound fresh , not sure what your doing now on the radio but you need to come back , quality music with a capital Q Fantastic hope you get this message

This has to be the classiest Soul Music Show on the radio.
Mick O’Donnell’s love of the music, be it deep soul, slow R&B or Gospel – is evident by his
sheer enthusiasm and obvious joy of the tracks he play’s.
Current classy soul played alongside gems from the past, the show is always introducting the listener to music that they might never other wise hear, each show is a real joy.
10 out of 10

Lee Beresford….Epsom Surrey (UK)
Keep the good work up really enjoy your show it’s what soul is all about.
Absolute heaven on a Sunday evening pure bliss.

Stan Ivory ..Washington (USA)
‘Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.’ – Melody Beady

David Washington …Chapter 8 (United States)
Hey Mick, I heard ready for your love on your show Sunday and I want to thank you for playing it. I am looking forward to working with you and I hope to meet you sometime in the near future.
I love your show and will continue listening to it as it is the very best show on the air.

Ian & Julie Price….Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Came to you by chance one Sunday night and you blew me away with your choice of tracks.
Web site is great and such an interesting read, nice to finally catch up with you and your choices of which are very much exactly where I’m at.
Thanks for taking the time, it is appreciated.

Michael Edwards ….Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
This show was like eating cooked food….not a scrap left on the plate! And I went back for seconds and thirds!! Lily Fields, Rusty Jackson, Ty Causey… Nuff said…My belly is full.

Paul Mullen …..United Kingdom
I’ve caught a few of your podcast shows in the last few months and I’ve been excited to finally hear someone playing great new material (what would have been described as ‘indie soul’ back in the day) as well as vintage soul so I’m really pleased to see that you’ve got this website up & running. It looks really promising and it’s definitely what’s needed for us lovers of real soul music – a chance to hear new material through your show and read the background to it on the site.
I’m excited to see the names of the contributors listed – great to read, amongst others, Rod Dearlove’s missive up there today (Voices the mag is still sorely missed by me and I guess many others).
Anyway, I hope that this is the start of something vital for soul music and those of us who obsess about it! …

Don Brown (United States)
I want to personally thank Mick O’Donnell for the opportunity of allowing me to contribute articles to Soul Discovery. In my opinion this is an excellent vehicle for all of us who are “die-hard” lovers of “real” music.  In particular the musical foundation of R&B and Soul.
It is also a way for us to not only make others aware of the efforts of Mick via Soul Discovery, but to educate the young and the old about the true history of a universal art form. Some of the truths and facts are not pretty however, what brings out the ‘beauty’ are the memories (good or bad), the emotions the music recalls, and the fact that this music still lives on.

Chris Tyrrell (United Kingdom)
Discovered your show recently and think it’s fabulous.
It’s very refreshing to hear someone throwing their enthusiasm and dedication into the deep soul and gospel genre. Having been a dedicated soul music fan for as long as I can remember this show is really something.
Ignoring commercial trends and supporting genuine soul music I believe you have a niche angle here enabling you to represent many hitherto unknown American artists.
The exciting event of internet radio enables this kind of show to flourish and I’m sure it will be a success both in the USA and Europe…