Delegates Of Soul

“What a lucky guy I am”/“I’ll keep running back”/“Don’t take your love from me”/“Girl I’m at your door”

Label: Hit & Run Records
Catalog: HR1534  
Release Date:  Jan 2022
Format:  7’

Yes, that’s right – a 4 track 45 for the price of £12. The A side contains the 2 tracks from the 1970 Up-look 45 (recently £1,415 on auction) – classic Northern in ‘Running’ was re-released in 2005, but the great midpacer ‘Lucky’ has never been 45 re-released and sounds great for today. The 2 tracks on the ‘B’ side are 1970 and unreleased until the Grapevine Uplook CD in 2006, now making their debut on vinyl and are very worthy of their inclusion….Garry Cape