Soul Discovery Playlist 16/7/22

Zoe Ellis “Leave” (Live at Anna’a Jazz Land)
The Baylor Project Feat: Kenny Garrett “Strivin” (Be A Light)
The Family Daptone “Hey Brother” (Daptone 100th ) 7’
Joe Graham “Higher than high (Kent Records)
Split Decision Band “ Crystal Powder” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’

Sweet Thunder “I leave you stronger” (Fantasy WMOT Records) LP
Ruby Winters “If only had (meet sooner)” (Creative Soul) 7’
Freddie Scott “Girl I love you” (Probe) 7’
Dexter Wansel Feat: Damon Williams “This is my story”
Damon K. Williams “Somebody walked in to my life” (Society Hill)
The Harlem Gospel Travelers ‘God will take care of you” (Colemine RecordsPromo) LP
Shawn McLemore “All to you” (Worldwide Music)
Harvey Scales “Are you still in love” (Kashgold) 12’
Karen Sanders Group “You could have tried” (Kent Records)
The Intrigues “You are so dear to me” (Soul Junction Records) 12
’George Banton “How can I change my mind” (Love Light Music) LP
Don Bryant “A world like that”(Creative Soul Promo) 7’
Jackie Dee “Who” (Kent Records)
Ben Jackson The A.P.O. Band “Never get enough of your love” (A.P.O.) 12’
The Hamilton Movement “Love man that’s what I long to be” (Soundwaves) 7’
XXCeption To The Rule “Call me” (Daxwood)
Melanie Burke “I can’t turn you down” (Kent Records)
Vanessia_Holland & Melanie Burke “My Heart” (Daxwood)
Fathers Children “It I” (FC Music)
Fathers Children “Key to my heart” (FC Misic)
Lee Garrett “See the love on your face” (American First Records Corp.) 7’
September Sun“Morning song” (Promo) 7’  

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