Micky Gynn

Mickey Gynn began his career with his hometown club, Peterborough United, where he scored 39 goals from 188 appearances in all competitions, before joining First Division club Coventry City for a fee of £60,000. He spent ten years and accumulated almost 300 appearances at the club, with whom he won the FA Cup in 1987. Mickey then moved on to Stoke City in August 1993 where he played in 29 matches in the 1993–94 season before retiring. He became a postman in the Coventry area, and works as a match statistician for the Press Association.In 2005, Gynn held his testimonial match at Coventry City’s former ground of Highfield Road, the penultimate game played there before its demolition.

Soulful Football Update: July 2022

Vann & Reggie “If this ain’t love”/ “I’m falling in love” (Brilliant Minds Records) 7’
Two top sides from a superb year of 1983.If This Ain’t Love, is my fav side on this tough to find 45. Still sounds so fresh, another record I would never part with. The only record they released together, which is very sad. Another must have for your collection.

Reggie Garland  “Why now” (Big Willie Records) 7’
Another top record produced by Reggie Garland. Along with the Vann & Reggie 45 I mentioned before, this is another outstanding tune. With background vocals by Ladonna Bell from the group Mixed Sugar, it floats along so well, with the whole production making it just so good. Not that well known, but one I would recommend  if you like classy early 80s soul. 

Lonnie & Cutis  “Here to stay” (Churchill Records Ltd) 7’ 
A superb ballad out of Brookfield- Chicago. Only downside, is this wonderful tune is only 2.34 mins long. The only record they brought out and written along side a top vocalist himself, Billy McGregor. If you like classy soul, this is one to treasure.

Desire “Love toll” / “I’ve never turn my back on you” (Red Robin Records)  1977
Again the killer tune on this rare 45 is the flip side.This is my type of soul.Wonderful midtempo floater, with the female group Desire, sounding just so good.I never tire of playing this 45, it always sounds so fresh.A year I always cherish, 1977 the year I left school and started my soul collection,with records like this gem. Sadly their only release, on this Disco label.Would love to know why they never did anything else. Desert Island Disc for me !!

Essence “I’ll give you the sunshine” / “ Deep in my eyes” (Tac Town Records) 1983
A superb midtempo tune from 1983. Hard to believe it is on the A side, of this super rare solid center 45. Totally brilliant tune, with classy vocals. Flip it over and it is a very in demand 45 for the French & German collectors, who are more into the frantic soul tunes that came out in 1983. Well worth tracking down, as I was told that 500 copies were pressed at the time of the records release !!

Al Miller “ Trust is a must” / “ Let’s get away from it all” (Golden Wheels) 1975 
The only 45 he did, this is quite stunning soul music from 1975.Written and produced by Horace Ott  a top Soul & Jazz musician in his own right.Trust Is A Must  is a superb vocal performance and the flip side is also well worth a spin.When you hear the soul in his voice, it makes you wonder why he never did anything else. Sadly, another class act that could never get a deal to go with his talent.

Mebeus “Party crazy” / Love’s journey” (Vigor Records) 1974
Out of New York, this is one of the harder 45s to locate on the Vigor Record label.From 1974, the A side is a typical Funk tune from that era, which does nothing for me.But on the rare issue copy, you have the sublime, Love’s Journey, a classy soul record.I just love the melody and awesome vocals.One worth breaking the bank for, if you can find one !!

Kariza “Magic lady” / “Will you dance with me” (FRP Records) 7’
Another outstanding Midtempo 45 from Austin Texas from 1984.Outstanding vocals on this tough to find record. The plug side is a big tune in France,which is where I got my copy from back in the 90s. The side we are talking about is just stunning. Just love this !!This is the only record they ever released, having originally been called Trace Of Smoke, which included their superb Modern tune Treasure Mind, another 45 well worth finding.

Frankie Zhivago Young “Somebody stole my heart” (Ultra) 7′
This is very much a mellow choice from me. Don’t know anything about the artist and it looks obscure. Just floats along with fantastic backing from the musicians. A tough one find.

The Opells “You know I love you”/“Day & time” (Linco) 7’ 1971
When I left school in 1977 and started work as an apprentice footballer at Posh, I spent all my £8  wages on records. Albums were my passion in those days and group harmony soul was my love even as a 15 year old. So when the internet age began, I was able to locate superb group harmony soul 45s like this gem from 1971. It is just a wonderful record and well worth hunting down. Out of Greensboro North Carolina, the vocal by Tom Smith is to die for.

Homegrown Syndrome  “Confrontation” / “You and me baby” 1981 Arista Records Inc.
This 45 did get reissued in 2015, which will please the French collectors, who love the sound of the tune, Confrontation. The Demo has this track on both sides.The issue copy is the one you need, as you flip it over to an amazing Mellow sound of You And Me Babe, which if you are into Midtempo Soul, this will blow you away. Produced by Perry Kibble of Taste Of Honey fame. Nothing he ever did comes close to this masterpiece. Possibly the rarest 45 on the label.Around this time Arista Records had artists like Norman Connors on their roster. Anything by him, is well worth picking up.

August “If he makes it good” (14KT Gold) 7’
From the late 70’s. What a period for great music, I suppose I’m bit biased as it is the time I started collecting 1977 onwards. Just a fabulous group sound which I just adore.

Hiram and Direct “Turn it around’ (Hirome) 7′
Originally brought this for the dancer on other side, by accident played the this side and it blew my head off. Four minutes of superb harmonies between the duo.

Coast To Coast “I want you” / Paula Marie” (1982 Multi-Sound) 7’
Staying in the 80s with the wonderful I Want You Dear. At 6.45 minutes long, it is the longest 45 in my collection and when a ballad of this quality comes along, that is a real bonus.Coast To Coast brought out another record, this time a 12″ on the same label in 1983. Well worth picking up as well.

Visions Of a new World “Children” (New World) 7’
Out of Illinois USA sounding very much from the late 70’s. Artists like ‘Pleasure’ + ‘The Blackbirds’ would always on their albums have something like this – No idea about the group or it’s rarity. 

Andrew Curd “Spinning dizzy” (Lemco)
Awsome 2-Stepper from the late 70’s which I managed to obtain about 17years ago. At any mid tempo session it will be massive.

Keiko Project “Midnight shuffle” (Canyon)
Only ever released in Japan,with vocals by Terry Bradford. The late 70’ early 80’s I brought a mass of Jap LPs into this country. This track off a mimi LP is one of the best.

Gerald Dimitr “Falling in love” (Destiny)
I’ve been looking through some old LPs from the 90’s and came across this album vocals by Al Broomfield . This is a mellon Jazzy song with a lovely feel to it.

George Butts “Keep that same old feeling” (K-Star) LP
Back into the 80’s with this one, YES another version of this great song. If you like me love 80’s quality soul, this is another welcome addition to the collection.

Frankie Gearing “Teardrops” (Beale St.)
Staying with quality Jap release only The Stray Soul. This is one of the best ever female soul records in my opinion. You go through the collection and you come across something as good as this, you know why we collect this type of music, JUST SO GOOD

Norman Conners “Melancholy fire” (Arista) LP
On a trip to Hong Kong this came on my headset. Having not heard this in years it totally knocked me out. Glenn Jones best ever ever vocal performance, these regular LP tracks tend to get overlooked at times for various types of 7’s

Til next time Micky Gynn