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Updated 10/06/23

I was used as a background singer on a few songs produced by Ollie McLaughlin. I sang background on Belita Woods, Magic Corner. I saw an article where someone in the UK was saying that no one knew who the background vocalists were on the song.
They were:  Pat Lewis, Diane Lewis, Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent and myself.
The same voices did background for the Barbara Lewis song, “I’ll Keep Believing”.
Also the song I wrote for Barbara Lewis, titled,Do I Deserve It Baby had three background vocalists: Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent and myself.

The famous handclaps on Cool Jerk by The Capitols were:  Deon Jackson, his cousin Rusty Baylis, Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent, Sharon McMahan, Don Storball, Sam George, Richard Mitchell.  Ollie directed us to add those handclaps. It was my first time experiencing handclaps being added……..Till Next Time Sharon McMahan

Label: Hit & Run Records
Catalogue Number: HR1548
Release Date: 31st March 2023  
Format: 7’

‘Do I Deserve It Baby’ – Sharon wrote this song and Ollie asked her to do a guide vocal for Barbara Lewis to record. They already had the backing track done, so Sharon sings on the same backing as Barbara did, which appears on her LP.  Popcorn Wylie heard Sharon’s version and told the label owner he should release it on her, but the guy said Sharon was too valuable to him around the studio and he didn’t want her out on the road.

‘When will love come to me’ – Sharon moved from Detroit to California and in 1973 signed with Columbia. They took her into the studio to cut an album – from which they released a 45 – but then the head of Columbia changed and the album got aborted. She had a few tracks already cut but which never came out. This is one of them from 1973.. Sharon later recut the song for her own album in 2007
Garry J Cape

I wanted to share the story of how I met Ollie McLaughlin. I grew up in Detroit, though I was born in the south.
When I was twelve, I had been taking piano lessons for a while and I knew some of the basic notes, etc. I used to listen to the radio after school.  I remember
I really liked the song by Ernie K Doe, Mother-in-law.  One time it came on the radio and I started trying to find the chords and the matching base note. Then, I played the piano like a drum to get the beat right. Then I realized I could probably make up my own songs. So, I did. I wrote four songs.

I had a cousin who was about 22.  He was over and my mom mentioned to him that I had written these songs.  He in turn happened to tell his friend and she told my cousin that she had a friend who was a producer and was looking for writers to start his own publishing company.  She said he was in Chicago at that time but when he got back she would arrange for my cousin to bring me over to play the songs. So, her friend was Ollie McLaughlin. That was in Dec. 1961……Till Next Time Sharon McMahan

Ernie K Doe
Ollie McLaughlin


Sharon began her career, as a teen in Detroit,Michigan. She wrote her first songs at 12 years old. After auditioning her, Ollie McLaughlin launched her writing career by publishing/producing,recording and releasing,several of her songs on his own record labels, KAREN,CARLA,MOIRA & RUTH RECORDS. McLaughlin recorded Sharon’s songs on Barbara Lewis, Deon Jackson, Gracie Darnell, Johnnie Mae Matthews.

He also secured a UK recording for Sharon’s song, titled, “Someday We’re Gonna Love Again” on the London based group, The Searchers. It charted to #11 in Billboard in several countries and to #23 here in the U.S. Thus, Sharon has a tremendous fan base in the UK.

Later, another Detroit based publisher/producer became familiar with Sharons writing skills. He was Don Davis, producer of Johnnie Taylor, executive producer of The Dramatics, and many more artists. He recorded Sharons songs on current Hall Of Fame artists, Etta James and Mavis Staples.  He also recorded one of Sharon’s songs on The Three Degrees. Please Note: Rappers, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth sampled the track from The Three Degrees song, to record the title track for their CD titled: RETURN OF THE MECCA.

In 1973, Sharon was signed to Columbia Records, by then president Clive Davis. Her released single was titled, “Get Out Of My Life”, produced by Toxey French and arranged by Philly master arranger, Bobby Martin

Sharon later associated with NEA jazz award recipient, Benny Golson. Golsons album, “I’m Always Dancin’ To the Music”, contains a Sharon McMahan song, “Love Is The Key”. Sharon later worked with Golson as lyricists on the NBC mini-series, “The Sophisticated Gents”.
Unfortunately, for Sharon, her screen credits were not published, as agreed ,but her lyrics speaks volumes in this film.
Soon after, Sharon was introduced to Otis Blackwell, writer for Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. He recorded and released a McMahan country song, titled “I’m Happy Just The Way I Am” on his own Bullion label.

Sharon’s last release was a CD of original material in 2007.

The CD is titled “SOMEBODY ELSE” and is still available as a digital download on amazon, itunes and several more digital stops.

Sharon’s last release was a CD of original material in 2007. The CD is titled “SOMEBODY ELSE” and is still available as a digital download on amazon, itunes and several more digital stops.

In June 2015, Sharon traveled to London,England. She was invited to perform North of London at the Beachcomber Holiday Centre in Cleethorpes. Sharon sang several of the songs she has wriiten for other artists during her teen years….. some of which, she performed publicly for the first time in her career. However,she was well received and musically embraced by all. 

Sharon is also currently featured on a CD titled, “Colors of Life” on Expansion Records (UK). She sings, “Olive Branch” with male vocalist, Launden Kendricks. As noted above, Sharon continues to work in association with the craft she loves.


Im delighted to present my latest contribution……..

As a writer, I always enjoy recording my own songs. But this time around, I felt a real connect with the lyrics and expressions from this soulful seventies sound!  So much so, til I put pen to paper and added a few lines of my own………hope you enjoy listening! 

Sharon McMahan