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Dwayne Scivally  

“Point O f No Return” / “So Good”  

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP97
Release Date: 22nd September 2023 
Format: 7’

We are delighted to announce our second 7” release with Nashville smooth soul man Dwayne Scivally.

Prior to his highly respected LPs with French music maestro Thomas G, Dwayne recorded an album in 2016 entitled ‘Stay Until The Morning’. The CD has virtual invisible status, with no sales documented on Discogs.

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Catalogue Number: FRS149
Label: Freestyle Records
Release Date: *29th September 2023 
Format: *LP /CD / Digital

Menagerie is the Melbourne-based Jazz ensemble founded by producer, songwriter, guitarist, DJ and recording artist Lance Ferguson, also the driving force behind The Bamboos, Lanu, Rare Groove Spectrum and Machines Always Win.

2 years on from their last full-length Many Worlds, Menagerie are back with The Shores Of Infinity, further expanding their sound out into the music universe, a forward-looking, rhythm-heavy expression of contemporary Jazz that is steeped in the tradition but somehow also defies genre pigeonholing. The title track sees California-based spoken word alchemist Thee Cosmic Poet dropping wisdom over the undulating, hypnotic drums of Felix Bloxsom, before the whole track builds into an epic climax with the incendiary, apocalyptic tenor saxophone work of Phil Noy. Lead single “Kingdom” builds a groove with sinewy bass, phased-out Fender Rhodes and angular horn lines. The second section opens into a syncopated vehicle for the masterful Trumpet of Ross Irwin. Here is contemporary live Jazz-Funk influenced in equal parts by the music of West London’s Broken Beat movement as well as Roy Ayers and Donald Byrd.

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Richard Hartley & Soul Resurrection 

“Jesus Makes Me Happy” / “Heart And Soul”

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP099
Release Date: August 2023 
Format: 7’

Izipho Soul Records are thrilled to announce the 7” release of the Modern Gospel Soul Banger  Jesus Makes Me Happy by Richard Hartley & Soul Resurrection – Presented on vinyl is ‘The Joyful Exaltation Edit’, this excludes the rap from the original version.

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“The Other Side of You” / “Going To A Carnival”

Label: Soul-Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD018
Release Date: 4th August 2023 
Format: 7’

Following on from the enormous success of the first two releases by The Decisions on Soul Direction and courtesy of Fred White and the Decisions we give you another double sided masterpiece from master tapes kindly provided by the band.
The 5 young men who formed The Decisions, originally started their own Record Label – York Records in the late 60s and recorded two releases on the label which to this day are still very sought after amongst soul collectors. They then went onto record for Sussex Records in the early 70s. The Los Angeles-based label founded by Clarence Avant and distributed by Buddah Records. 

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Joe Graham / John Edwards 

‘Higher Than High’ / ‘It’s Got To Be The Real Thing For Me This Time’

Label: Kent-City Records
Catalogue Number: CITY 087
Release Date: 25th August 2023 
Format: 7’

The recent find of four Joe Graham recordings in the GRC/Aware tapes has shown there was much more to Joe’s talents than the southern soul of his 60s Chant recordings and the synthesiser, electro pop he recorded for various Atlanta labels in the 80s. ‘Higher Than High’ is a soulful disco number featuring a relentless beat. The track already has a strong following, thanks to advance plays in Europe and the UK from DJ Dave Thorley. This track, along with three other numbers, were recorded around 1976 for the GRC stable – just as the company was floundering so badly that the songs were left as unmixed multi-track tapes.  Now mixed the demand for this one will be high.

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Kinsman Dazz Band

“Ghetto Preacher” / “Saved”

Label: Creative-Soul Records
Catalogue Number: CS-1004
Release Date: October 2023 
Format: 7’

Michael J. Calhoun has accomplished greatness in music for over 30 years. He was influenced by such luminaries as B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Beatles and Motown, and of course his Cleveland soul brother and early days mentor, the legendary Lou Ragland. Michael’s career launched as a founding member, singer, composer and guitarist of ‘Kinsman Dazz’.

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Tommy Rodgers  

“United Hearts of America” / “Pass The Word”

“Give Me My Freedom” / “Tell It To The Wind”

Label: MD Records
Catalogue Number: MD122/ MD123 
Release Date: July 2023 
Format: 7’

Well, here we are now bringing out on two releases from the great Tommy Rodgers, a name many will know from his own musical prowess and that of his Brewster Crew association amongst others. These releases will each hold a never-before released A side backed with alt recordings of a released track. As usual they are remastered for today’s vinyl production methods by the great JJ at Goldenmastering, to bring the recordings back to life.

Next up we have ‘United hearts of America’ backed with ‘Pass the word’.  United Hearts is a powerful call to action song that captures the sentiment of time, seeking harmony and unity following the Detroit riots. Backing up this is the powerhouse of ‘Pass the word’ that just ignites as the needle flicks out of the ‘run in’ to the music.

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“Love Was Born For Me” / “Do We Have Love” 

This is a sensational previously unissued double sider from 1976.Do We Have Love is a beautiful sweet soul side with killer vocal from Rocky Whitaker. Click on play and put on your dancing shoes!

Label: Epsilon Record Co.
Catalogue Number: EPS023 
Release Date:  20th July 2023 
Format: 7’

Was made up of college buddies. They had all been in a Dartmouth College sponsored traveling band called the Green Dream made up of students in a class taught by Robert Northern … aka “Brother Ahh”. After graduation they much to the chagrin of their parents, decided to take their shot at stardom. They never achieved stardom but I got something better… the friendship of  5 guys who act like brothers that has lasted 50 years…they still Zoom once a month.

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The Society Hill Orchestra Ft. Kat Fontaine & Benny Barksdale, Jr.

Label: Society Hill / EMG
Release Date: July 2023  
Format: Digita

Hailing from the small city of Chester, PA on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Kathleen Fontaine-Prattis (affectionately dubbed “Kat” by family and friends) exhibited extraordinary talent as a singer at an early age. As a teenager, Kat began performing and recording with a host of local artists. It was not long before she was sought out by countless musicians, singers and producers that revolved around Philadelphia at the time. As the Sound Of Philadelphia and the recording empire created by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff grew, so did the experience and reputation of Fontaine. By then, she earned her place on a very short list of the area’s top voices. Kat quickly moved up the ranks of Philadelphia’s booming music scene. 

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TMF isn’t a Tribute Band… THEY ARE THE BAND! These gentlemen with the exception of lead vocalist, Chris Walker toured and recorded with the man himself for the last two decades and beyond. Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing… TMF “The Music Forever”

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“Never Give Up”

Label: Society Hill / EMG
Release Date: 30th June 2023  
Format: Digita

Hailing from the Camden, New Jersey / Philadelphia area, a part of the country that became a breeding ground for great vocal groups such as the O’Jays, Stylistics and Blue Magic, three veteran vocal greats come together to form TRU, a highly versatile group that brings the sweet sound of Philly Soul forward for a new generation. Led by vocalist James “Jimi” Williams, TRU also features vocal great Billy Maynor and newest member, the charismatic Dennis Sproul.

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Hideo Shiraki

Plays Bossa Nova

Label:Jazzroom Records
Catalogue Number: JAZZR-025
Release Date: 23rd  June 2023  
Format: Vinyl LP Only

Hideo Shiraki travelled to the US from Japan in 1962 and was bowled over by Horace Silver and the Bossa Nova Craze happening at the same time. When he returned to Japan he went straight into the studio and cut this Blue Note inspired Japanese Jazz Masterpiece.

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Colin Curtis Presents: Indigo Jam Unit

“My passion for Japanese jazz started way back in the 1970s and was fueled even more as the decade went on with the evolution of jazz dance in the UK’s burgeoning jazz funk scene. As jazz breaks emerged in the jazz rooms, the demand for danceable jazz music in the UK kept growing. Through scouring the record shops in Manchester, Birmingham, and London, the emergence of great Japanese jazz added another dimension to this genre. My love for Japanese jazz continued until the turn of the century when the names changed from Sadao Watanabe, Mikio Masuda, Casiopea, Toshiyuki Honda, Shigeharu Mukai, and the like to the new emerging nu-jazz bands like Sleep Walker, Quasimode, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jabberloop, and in 2006, the powerful force that was the indigo jam unit!

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‘You & me’ /‘Say We’ll Stay’

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP-93
Release Date: 9th June 2023  
Format: 7”

Legendary Memphis soul brothers William, Bertram and Randy Brown released an album under the group name TEN-63 entitled Facing The Music,it was published in 2009, but recorded sometime earlier. 
You & me  and our pick for the flip Say We’ll Stay   are beautifully constructed songs with each of the Brown brothers serving up a solo part, it cannot be denied their contrasting vocal styles and harmonies are supreme in the extreme!

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Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers

“What Will You Leave Behind”(Digital Out Now) / “Bang, Bang, Bang”

Label: LRK Records
Catalogue Number: LRK-19 
Release Date: 26th May 2023  
Format: 7’  

The new single by Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers and B side to the new vinyl 45 release!
Right on the heels of the success of their previous single “What Will You Leave Behind”, LRK Records is proud to announce the digital single follow up by Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers!! Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers are a Los Angeles based, transplanted from Chicago, unit that specializes in 60s/70s soul and funk. The band is fronted by the dynamically charismatic Bella Brown. A fiery female lead singer that is a mixture of Tina Turner and Sharon Jones, with a persona that is reminiscent of the empowered female leads of 70s Blaxploitation films.

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