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Cordial Recordings mission statement is to deliver quality music in partnership with artists that we hold in high esteem.

There are no boundaries!


“Visions Of My Love”

Label: Cordial Recordings
Catalog: CORDLP010
Release  29th October 2021
Format: Vinyl LP

Ron Rush was raised in Birmingham, Alabama before relocating to Detroit, Michigan at the age of 14. After a period in the army Ron moved to San Diego, California at the end of the sixties and has been there ever since. As a recording artist he released his debut 45 single with Eddie Gross, under the name of Rush & Gross on the local label Radio City Records in 1969. Both sides of the 45 were written by Ron, with ‘City of Soul’ on the A Side and ‘Love Power’ on the flip. Ron then released his first and only solo single ‘Cloudy For Me’ and ‘Cold Cold Man’ on his own label Aidco. This was followed with The Brothers Aquarius solitary release of ‘Unity’ and ‘Born In Georgia’ on Aidco too.

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Mark IV

‘I knew it wouldn’t last’ / ‘How I feel for you’ (Ourra remix)

Label: Cordial Recordings – Catalog: CORD7024 – Release Date: 26th April 2021 – Format: 7’

The final release from our Mark IV catalogue is the midtempo version of ‘I Knew It Wouldn’t Last,’ which is a truly wonderful piece of soulful excellence. On the flip we’ve chosen the Ourra version of ‘How I Feel For You,’ because we believe that it deserved a wider audience after being included on our ‘Signs Of A Dying Love’ 12″. We also have a limited run of 50 litho printed picture sleeve. There are 20 Test pressings available.

The Edwards Generation

‘Get Up, Get Up’

Label: Cordial Recordings – Catalog: CORD7025 – Release Date: Out Now – Format: 7’

We decided at the beginning to release it as a single and not to include it on the vinyl release album. It is included on the CD version. It’s a sprightly energetic warm song that’s lifts your spirit on listens. We’ve also included ‘Get Up On The Dancefloor’ on the flip because we’ve had a lot feedback on this being the best cut on the vinyl album.

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Rikki Aaron

“Say what’s on your mind (Oura Mix)” (Cordial Recordings) 7’

Catalog: CORD7023
Release Date:  13TH Sept 2020

We paired Rikki Aaron with Ourra to provide a new take on the effervescent ‘Say What’s On Your Mind’ in stunning effect. On the flip we’ve got a previously unreleased raw stripped back version of the song. 

Mark IV

Cordial Recordings
Featured Track: "CORD7006 f 'Signs Of A Dying Love" (Unreleased Version)"
Release Date: Monday 29th January 2017

Our sixth release is two previously unreleased versions of ‘Signs Of A Dying Love’ with the A side being much slower in tempo than the vinyl release on OTB Records. Whilst on the flip the song appears to be the same as the OTB records version, but without the spoke rap at the beginning.  This is a timeless piece of soul music that deserves a wider audience.

This is available for pre-order and is a Love Vinyl DRS Ltd distribution title.

Las Vegas Connection

Cordial Recordings
Featured Track: "CORD7005 "Running Back To You"/Give Me Your Love" 7'"
Release Date: Monday 29th January 2017

Our fifth release is the Las Vegas Connection, who were a New Orlean band from the 1970s that released two singles on Senator Jones ‘Hep Me.’ This will be a limited press of 500 units only which has been licensed through Warren Hildebrand and Mardi Gras Music. ‘Running Back To You’ is a glorious soulful dancer that has received plays in recent years on the rare soul scenes across the globe. On the flip is the uptempo disco grooved ‘Give Me Your Love’ with a luscious vocal delivery from Jackie Pettis.