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Making available a series of excellent Soul recordings from the 60’s and 70’s, most of which will be released as a limited edition 45 for the very first time, and the occasional, carefully selected, re-issue.

Dozens of titles are already lined up for future release. Keep informed by collecting the vinyl, joining the mailing list, visiting the website and social media pages regularly and ensure you’re among the first to know!

Frank “Lee” Hurst

DD016 Lee Hurst ‘ Whole Lotta Your Love’ / Terry & The Pyrates ‘Someone’

London Ontario’s Frank “Lee” Hurst cut his teeth playing in such Canadian bands as Pepper Tree, which developed a following on the Ontario dance circuit

While known as a bassist, Lee’s soulful vocals eventually caught the ear of record exec Merv Buchanan, who laid down two of Lee’s originals – “Whole Lotta Your Love” & “Saturday’s Wild.”

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Melvin Davis

‘Thinking Of You” / Let love in your life” 

Catalog: DD014A / DD014B
Release Date: 12th March 2021
Format: 7’ Vinyl

The latest 45 is an astounding double-sider, from the legendary Melvin Davis, that Diggin’ Deep have been looking forward to releasing on vinyl for quite some time.Previously only available on CD ‘Thinking Of You’ is a great take of the song popularised by co-writer Tim Murray. It’s a seriously soulful groove, so perfect for the dancefloor.

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Bobby Burn

The latest 45 is another superb double-sider that Diggin’ Deep are extremely proud to be able to bring to you. This is its first time on vinyl in almost 50 years.

The Bobby Burn release comprises two tremendous, self-penned, sides, each with a slightly different flavour. Both are classic ‘Southern Soul’ tracks, emanating from the legendary Chant Records, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and seen by collectors worldwide as a double-sided masterpiece!

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Joe Johnson

Both these tracks are from the vast repertoire of Warren Schatz in New York City. The maestro who brought us The Brothers ‘Are You Ready For This’, The Voice Box ‘I Want It Back Your Love’, The Third Time Around ‘Soon Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’, The American Youth Choir ‘Keep Your Fine Self Near Me’, Evelyn Champagne King ‘Shame’ and many more!

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James Lately/Gil Billingsley

The topside, from James lately, is a previously unreleased on vinyl mix ‘without strings’ which has a haunting ‘islands’ feel, just perfect for today’s dancefloors.

The flipside from Gil Billingsley has long been a crossover favourite, championed on the UK soul scene by such renowned DJ’s as Keith Money and Chris Anderton

The Radiations

It is with great pleasure that we announce the latest Diggin’ Deep 45. A pair of excellent group Soul tracks, available to pre order on 23rd September 2019.

The top side, ‘That’s The Way (Our Love Is)’ is a blistering, midtempo, number from The Radiations, a New York based vocal group, famed for their much loved 1969 outing on Valise ‘Love Be Not a Stranger’. This previously unissued record has been very well received by lovers of group and ‘crossover’ soul whenever it’s been played out. It’s bound to be a winner in discerning soul circles.

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It is no exaggeration to say that Dave was one of the most influential, if somewhat controversial, figures on the UK Soul scene.  He will mainly be remembered for promoting Tamla Motown in this country and coining the terms ‘Northern’ and ‘Deep’ Soul.  No mean feat!

His contribution to ‘Soul Journalism’ was exceptional and his ability to unearth or exposure underrated talent was legendary.

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Art Jerry Miller

Art Jerry Miller, born in 1945, was a Memphis pianist/organist, who often worked at Royal Studios for Hi Records. He started out as part of the Hi studios band, writing the smash hit ‘Up Hard’ for Willie Mitchell. 

His own LP ‘Rated X’ was recorded for the Stax-associated Enterprise label in 1969, probably recorded at the Hi studio with the group’s own musicians augmented with Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love.  The Enterprise LP spawned a solitary single ‘Finger Lickin Good’ (until today his sole release on the 45 format).

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