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Soul Junction Records was formed in 2008
by Dave Welding and John Anderson.
Who since then, have been steadily building an exciting and varied catalogue of new and previously unreleased soul and funk releases for you the record buying public’s delectation.

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The Entertains

“I’ll answer you with love”/ “Your love I give it up”

Label: Soul Junction Records
Catalog: SJ547  
Release Date: Monday June 20th 2022
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

The Entertains were a vocal group from Cleveland Ohio whose line up at different times varied between four to five members. Initially signed to Belkin Productions in Cleveland the group were persuaded by Nick Holiday to move to his Pittsburgh Steel Town Records Label. The group had already been working on two songs penned by C-Way Productions Richard Calloway who had strong links with Cleveland through his work with Jesse Fisher and Lester Johnson at Way Out Records.

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Jesse James

“Father we’re having trouble down here”/”Father we’re having trouble down here(Album Mix)”

Label: Soul Junction Records
Catalog: SJ546
Release: Monday February 21st 2022
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

Way back in 2008 Soul Junction released a 45 on Duane Williams “Yes My Love Is Real” with Duane being one half of the Detroit husband and wife singing duo Beverley and Duane. The duo under the guidance of their lifelong friend Will Hatcher recorded six songs of which two “ We Got To Stick Together” and “Glad I Got You Baby” were picked up by local Detroit label president Woodrow ‘Woody Wilson for release as a 45 single on his Fee label. 

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The Counts

“What’s It All About” /” Watch The Clock”

Label: Soul Junction Records
Catalog: SJ1017
Release Date: Monday 15th November 2021
Format: Vinyl  7’ 

The Fabulous Counts were originally a Detroit High School group of five musicians who hung out together performing at local sock hops. Through a later chance meeting in a Wurlitzer Music Store with a slightly older guy, accompanied by his mother buying him a new guitar the group eventually became six. 

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Willie Williams

“Give It All I Got”/ “Do You Understand”   

Label: Soul Junction Records – Catalog: SJ545 – Release Date: 27th Sept 2021 – Format 7’

Blind, Chicago soul singer Willie Williams was first discovered performing in clubs in and around the Windy City. He was signed to ABC records by their A&R Director for the Midwest Johnny Pate a former Jazz bassist, independent producer, arranger and songwriter in his own right.

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Jesse James

“If a man ever loved a woman (Baby I love you)”/ “I don’t want a divided love”

Label: Soul Junction Records – Catalog: SJ544 – Release Date: Monday 12th July 2021 Format: 7”

Jesse James returns with the follow up to his hugely acclaimed previous release “(The Girl In) Clinton Park” SJ543. Once again, it’s another previously unissued recording found and taken from the same 1971 Searra Sound Studio session tape as “Clinton Park”. The title of this latest offering is “IF a Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)” which is a splendid cover version of a song previously recorded by Dallas, Texas recording artist Bobby Patterson.

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Jesse James

“(The Girl In) Clinton Park”/ “Just As Long As We’re In Love”

Jesse James rides again!

Label: Soul Junction Records
Catalog: SJ543
Release Date: 25th January 2021

Rejoining the Soul Junction label to bring you his previously unreleased original version of the song “(The Girl In) Clinton Park”
The song is more widely known through the version recorded by the group Masterplan in 1974 as part of their trilogy of 45 releases on the West Coast Fos-Glo label, with this particular release being later picked up and released on The East Coast Delite label.

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McArthur were an all male vocal quartet founded by former Royal Joker, Willie Cornelius Jones during 1974. Willie had begun the early 1970’s as the lead singer and founding member of vocal group The 21ST Century who later, due to a name clash with The 21ST Century on RCA, became known as just The 21ST.

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“All Men Don’t Love The Same/Believe It”   (Soul Junction Records) 7′

Catalog: SJ542
Release Date: 17th August 2020

Soul Junction’s involvement with Elbowed-Out stretches as far back as 2012 when during the licensing of the hugely popular Oliver Cheatham release “Don’t Pop The Question (If You Can’t Take The Answer), we were first introduced to Detroiter William . R. Miller (Bill) the songs producer and Oliver’s cousin.

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“I Really Love You/Get The Funk Off My Back”   (Kandi) 7′

Release Date: Now Out

Impulse were (and are still in the main) a group of Milwaukee, Wisconsin musicians who during the 1970’s worked as the backing and touring band for another Milwaukee group The Quadraphonics , who during 1974, recorded a solitary 45 single  “Betcha If You Check It Out/Prove My Love To You”  for the Carl Davis/E. Rodney Jones owned Innovation II Record label. The Quadraphonics 45 would also land a subsequent national distribution on the major Warner Brothers label. The original members of Impulse were Michael Reese (Rhodes Piano and background vocals), Cedrick Rupert (Lead and Rhythm guitar), Jeffrey Williamson (Drums and background vocals) and Robin Gregory (Bass and background vocals).The band would later be joined by John Gee as their lead singer and fellow songwriter. John Gee had begun performing secular music in the late 60’s with another Milwaukee oufit, The Chefs, as their original lead singer from 1967 through to his departure in 1972. 

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The New Creation

“The Fish Song” / “Elijah Knows” (Soul Junction SJ541) 7’
Release Date: Monday 28th January 2019

  • The New Creation were a five piece ensemble made up of family members Robert Randle (Aka Rasheed Shakoor Sr) his son Keith Randle (aka Rasheed Shakoor Jr) their nephew/cousin Melvin Houston, friends William Cooper (aka Wali Ali) and a fifth unrelated member remembered only as Wayne E-2X. William Cooper the co- founder and musical director of The New Creation, was a guitarist who had previously worked with Norman Whitfield at Motown and had toured with The Undisputed Truth and The Jackson Five. He would later be employed by HB Barnum as part of Areatha Franklin’s touring band an association that would be relevant later in The New Creation’s story.
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