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At first glance you may think Super Disco Edits is just another cut and paste record label, churning out disco fodder. But let me stop you there.
We morphed oursleves into our firt true love.
Sourcing long and forgetten Soul & Jazz artist so we could document their hopes and dreams once again on glorious vinyl.
From established artist like Leroy Hutson and Mike and Dennis Coffey to newly disovered acts like Between the two.  Our aim is to dig deep into old studio archives and dusty lofts and basements of past record label owners to see if we can revive the magic that may lie in old studio reels they may have.
We make sure the reels and material are treated with utmost care like an archaeology find or historical importance.
Once this process has been achieved we make sure our mastering,cutting of laqcueres and vinyl pressings are of the highest quality, while still keeping a friendly price for our loyal customers.
We hope you enjoy giving some of our products a listen and helping bring some light back into these long and forgotten soul men and women.
If you are an old artist, producer or musician why not send us an email and see if you can help you.


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“Ain’t Nothing Like The Love” (Nefer) 7′

Pittsburgh-born Phillip Ballou’s earliest years were spent in the gospel field; after he moved to New York City in the ‘70s, he teamed up with Bennie Diggs and Arthur Freeman, founding members of The New York Community Choir and singer Arnold McCuller to form the group Revelation. The quartet recorded for RSO Records, scoring some R&B success in the US with tracks like “Get Ready For This” and “You To Me Are Everything,” touring the Bee Gees among others. Phillip also sang on albums by NYCC recorded for RCA Records and continued with Revelation until 1982. Continue reading PHILLIP BALLOU


Coming Soon from… Super Disco Edits
“Safe” (Nefer) 7′

Although best known in the global music world for his four years (1984-1988) as the music director and bandleader for Whitney Houston, John’s tenure in the soul music field began when he was a member (with his brother Edmund ‘Butch’ Simmons) of The Reflections, a New York City-based quartet who toured from 1972-1975 as the backing group for the legendary Melba Moore. In 1975, The Reflections had a Top 10 R&B hit with “Three Steps From True Love”.

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Roz Ryan

“Keep Shining” / Put love back” (7th Galaxy) 7′

In 1980, during her run on Broadway in the musical, Ain’t Misbehavin’ and before being cast in Dreamgirls, singer/actress and Detroit native ROZ RYAN teamed up with the legendary team of DENNIS COFFEY and MIKE THEODORE on a six song album that wound up being unreleased. Continue reading Roz Ryan

Mother Braintree

“Sailing (Kinsman) 7′ 

Cleveland Ohio was a hot spot for soul music in the very early 1970’s. One group who found themselves mixing the melting pot of musical styles were Mother Braintree. They seemed to be mixing sounds from Funkadelic, Sly and the family stone, and Hendrix. Whilst still keeping it soulful. They chose their band name whilst on the road touring they travelled through the town of Braintree. Joining them in the van was one of the members mother, who was also their manager! And so Mother Braintree was formed.

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The New Jersey Connection feat Cynthia Wilson

“Red light Green light ” (Soulnival Promo) 7′

New jersey connection are pretty much set in stone in the disco hall of fame. There 1981 smash “love don’t come easy” on carnival records became a hit all around the globe. Move on a few years and band leader Eddie Saunders had many other musical groups and acts going on. Here in the late 1980’s he teamed up with Cynthia Wilson to record this lovely modern disco cut. For some reason the project got shelved and they returned to it only last year. With a few tweaks here and there they deliver another beautiful slice of New York Soul. So grab yourself a very limited demo copy 6 weeks or more before the issue comes out!

Melton Boltons

Melton Boltons Mighty Fire”Love”/”I wanna talk to you about loving me” (BOL-TON) 
Wow, stuck on the reels from 1979. Here is Mighty Fire before they recorded material for Elektra in 1982. Two brilliant tracks. A side is a lovely feel good modern dancer, worthy of any dancefloor called “Love” But wait until you flip the 45, for an amazing 2 step song that’s making waves with the jocks at the moment. And you can tell why, has all the right ingredients. Melton Boltons writing credentials go back as early as the 1970’s. Writing for Motown and penning songs for Marvin Gaye and the Four Tops amongst a host of others. He even recorded for Motown subsidiary Mowest under the group name of Nu Page. And his playing credentials on guitar are a who’s who of soul artists. A man of incredible talent. So now you can grab his work on these previously un-issued songs Coming out on the newly created label BOL-TON label.

Arnold Blair

“Finally made it home” / “I won the big deal (this time)”(Triumph)
From the incredible pen and production skills or LeRoy Hutson comes this amazing slice
of unissued soul music.

Taken from the same studio session as the now legendary “trying to get next to you” Super Disco Edits is proud to release “Finally made it home”. On LeRoy Hutsons producton company of Triumph records
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