05/2/22 Soul Discovery Radio Show & Playlist

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
05/2/22 Soul Discovery Radio Show & Playlist

Jeff Floyd “I found love (on a lonely highway)” (Wilbe Records)
Billy Butler “Alone at last” Part1 & 11 (Curtom) LP
Spice Of Ice “Does anybody know” (Stream Records) 7’
Jesse James “Father we’re having trouble down here” (Soul Junction Records) 7’

Ward Brown “I’m coming home” (Early Park Entertainment)
The Temptations “Calling your name” (UMG Recordings)
Melvin Hicks & The Versatiles “I’m just passing time” (Kent) 
Nicholas Davis “Baby I’m ready” (ND Productions)
Kip Carmen “Feeling home again” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Ike Perry “Don’t turn around” (North Broad Street Records) 7’
Jesse Johnson “Left out” (Big Man Records) 7’
Bobbe Green “I can’t tell you” (Myriah)
King George and The Fabulous Souls “I need you” (Soul Direction Records) 7’
Josi Dias & The Kevin Fingier Collective “Um Brilho Novo” (Fingier Records) 7’
Diane Ward & The Kevin Fingier Collective “Why don’t you go home” (Fingier Records) 7’
Masterplan “Loving, Living, Laughing” (FOS-GLO) 7’
Allison & The South Funk Boulevard Band “It’s love” (Epsilon Record Co) 7’
Phyllis Hyman / Damon K Williams “Forever with you”(Society Hill Records)
Lawanda Lee “Smoking room” (1st Born Entertainment)
Starfire “Almost insane” (Dynamic Artists) 7”
Starfire “Make the most of it” (Stream Records) 7’
Metallic Funk “Something I won’t forget” (M.V.A. Records) 7’
Charles Buddy Smith “When you lose the one you love” (Cannonball Records) 7’ 
Donnell Isaac “I’m in love”
Big Tony “Burnin’ (Kapitol Sity Wrecords) 12’
The Symphonies “That’s what love will do” (Hit & Run Records) 7’
Kent Drake “Mistaken” (North Broad Street Records) 7’
Azwon “Paradise Island” (J B F Records) 12’
Bill King “Summerheat” (The Orchard Music) LP
Hermeto Pascoa “Bombardino” (Far Out Recordings) LP