18/9/21 Soul Discovery Radio Show

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
18/9/21 Soul Discovery Radio Show

Featured Artists:
Dwayne Scivally, The Sounds of Oakland
Kent Records, The Rance Allen Group, Lisa Hilton

Parkes “Holding on” (Paradigm Records)
Dwayne Scivally “Is it me” (Thomas G Productions) LP
Willie Williams “All I’ve got”  (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Derrick Hughes “No place” (Chump Change Records)
The Rance Allen Group “Love makes the world go around” (Tyscot Records)
Dwayne Scivally “The one for me” (Thomas G Productions) LP
Special Delivery “This kind of love” (Shotgun Records) 7’
Niecey Robinson “Before you know” (Chump Change Records)
Poynt Of Vu “There’s no one like you” (DaMan Records)
Dwayne Scivally “We can find away to love” (Thomas G Productions) LP
The Summits “P’s & O’s (Soul Direction Records) 7’
The Hesitations “Yes I’m ready” (Kent Records)
Betty Swann “Either you love me or leave me” (Soul4Real Records) 7’
Al-Dose Band “Dream song” (Kalite) LP
Martin Luther “Country flower’ (Chump Change Records)
Dwayne Scivally “Always” (Thomas G Productions) LP
Jay W. McGee “Your love” (Love I Productions) 12’
Freddie Hughes / Lady Bianca ‘High School lovers” (Chump Change Records)
The Radiations “That’s the way our love is” (Kent Records)
Dwayne Scivally “You leave me wanting more” (Thomas G Productions) LP
Lady Blackbird “ It’ll never happen again” (Black Acid Soul) 12’
Lenny Williams “Invisible man” (Chump Change Records)
Dwayne Scivally “You know it’s love” (Thomas G Productions) LP
Lisa Hilton “Santa Monica Samba” (Lisa Kristine Hilton)
Roy Haynes “Thank you, Thank you” (Galaxy Records) LP