2/7/22 Soul Discovery Radio Show & Playlist

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
2/7/22 Soul Discovery Radio Show & Playlist

Janice “Wake up smiling” (Kent Records Promo)
Vincent Montana & The Philly Sound Orchestra & William ‘Smoke’ Howard
“That’s what love dose” (Philly Sound Works Records) 12’

Ripple “Maybe it’s you’ (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Tyra Levone “Better place”  (TL)
Al Lindsey “Only you” (MD Records) 7’
Slickaphonic I don’t wanna be lonely tonight” (Albina Music Trust) LP
Michon Young “Try me” (MY)
Joe Hinton “You and me baby” (Kent Records Promo)
The Enterains “I’ll Answer you with love” (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Melanie Burke “I can’t turn you down” (Kent Records Promo)
Ray Estaire “Baltimore” (Promo)
Kashious “Waiting for your phone call” (Soul Discovery)
Ruby Winters “If only had (meet sooner)” (Creative Soul) 7’
Universal Togetherness Band “Call for love (Soul Direction Records) 7’
Father’s Children “Everybody’s got problem” (Soul Direction Records) 7’
Love, Warmth & Affection feat- Ralph Weeks “Expression of affection”  (NYCT Records) 7’ 

Patrick Adams – Legendary Producer Arranger Songwriter & Soulful Pioneer 
JJ Barnes “You owe it to yourself” (Perception) LP
Debbie Taylor “No if’s or but’s” (Today Records) LP
Inner Life “I’m caught up (In a one night love affair)”(Prelude)  
Four below Zero “My baby got E.S.P.” (Roulette) 7’
Al Hudson & The Soul Parents “When you’re gone” (Atco) 7’
The Mayberry Movement “It’s good to know” (Event) 7’
Larry Saunders “Darling I love you” (Amherst)
Target “Give me one more chance’ (Kama) 
Daybreak “I need love’ (PAP) 7’
Rainbow Brown “It ain’t no big thing” (Vanguard) LP