20/2/21 Soul Discovery Show & Playlist

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
20/2/21 Soul Discovery Show & Playlist

Featured Artists:
Jonathan Winstead
Michelle David
Ernie lee Banks
Roy Ayers..ect

20/2/21 TWR

The Finishing “Touch”Second best (Is never enough)” (Philly Groove Records) 7’
Sweet Music”I get lifted” (Scepter Records) EP
Slickphonic “Back into my life” (Albina Music Trust)
Richard Marks “Don’t take it out on me” (Izipho Soul) 7’
Sheree Brown “Take a walk with love’ (Expansion Records)
Otis Clay “I lost someone” (Hit & Run) 7’
The Relatives “Leave something worthwhile” (Heavy Light Records) LP
Truth & Soul “Heavenly Father” (Memorial) LP
Jonathan Winstead “Body language” (Rhythmic Sou)
Will Downing “Love you better”
F.T.H. Singers feat: Karen Yandle & Victor Adams
“Living down here” (FHT Records) 12’
Sean Oliver “You and me” (One World Records) 7’
B B Brad “You’ve beed on my mind (White Label) 12’
Ernie lee Banks “Are you ready to be love” (After Dark) 12’
Johnny Dean “Don’t disconnect my heart” (Magie-7-Records) 7’
Will Power “If I let you go” (Lisa Levin)
Burnside Connections “Just for a little while” (BC)
Richard Merritt “You got problems” (R.A.M.)
The Resonaires “Standing with you” (Colemine) LP
Kelly Finnigan “I don’t wanna wait” (Colemine) LP
Durand Jones & The Indications “Don’t you know” (Colemine) LP
Burton Inc “Groovin’ at the night club” (P-Vine) 7′
Jessie James “The girl (in Clinton park) (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Michelle David “Good Good Good” (One World Records) 7’
Ed Nelson “I’ll give you a ring” (Izipho Soul) 7’
Apple and the 3 Oranges “True love will never die” (Izipho Soul) 7′
Roy Ayers / Merry Clayton / Sylvia Cox “Brand new feelin” (Rapster Records) LP