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Soul Discovery Shows -Totally Wired Radio  Saturdays 4pm-6pm

The essential ingredient that has made Soul Discovery a success is its passion.

The show’s passion and dedication to its music, artists, producers and record labels make it not only unique but involving, enabling listeners to really absorb themselves, tapping into their emotions and taking them on discoveries of their own. The show incorporates exclusive tunes and interviews in the sub-genres of Gospel, upfront soul & R&B, whilst dipping into forgotten gems and unearthing the new and the rare.

Soul Discovery ?

If you checked the definition in Oxford English dictionary it would probably say:

‘The art of vocal and instruments sounds, combined to produce harmony and emotion’. Certainly for us music addicts, this is the opportunity to satisfy our craving for quality.  New contemporary Soul music is delivered with the passion and excitement only another addict can understand and appreciate. ‘The sounds of young America’ used to be the clarion call we ran too, but in these tough times there still burns a beacon brightly in  the heartlands of England for finding and playing this wonderful Soul music  

Funding SoulDiscovery.co.uk

We appreciate the wonderful collective of listeners we have accumulated of the years and our goal remains to keep SoulDiscovery a pure home for international Soul Music on the web. As our site and audience grow it is becoming increasingly expensive and source, create and host our content online, free for our users. We therefore have turned to our community to ask for support in helping us shoulder this cost.

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Interviews on Soul Discovery

Chapter 8 (Michael J. Powell Valerie Pinkston, Gerald Lyles, Vernon D. Fails and Courtlen Hale Lenard Brown & Reginald McArthur (The Controllers) Billy Paul / Lenny Williams Mikelyn Rodrick (By All Means) / Betty Wright / William Bell / Norman Connors  Michael Henderson / Phil Perry / Howard Hewett / Ron Matlock Lee Fields / Nat Birchall Bobby Manuel (Stax Records) / Tim Whitsett (Stax Records) The Soul Hustlers / Larry Kimpel Barry Burford /  Cleveland P. Jones Klive D’Farley(Dreemtime) / William ‘Kooly’ Scott Jonathan Winstead / Joe Leavy / Melvin Davis / Brenda Vaughn / Shirley Jones / Marc Staggers Brandon Williams / Richard Brooks  / E.R.I.C / Lionel Cornelius / Randy Brown / Bertram E. Brown / William Brown / Oliver Cheatham / James Mitchell / Jimmy Levine / Marcia L. Mitchell Greg Watson /Len Walston / Michael Dunston (Marcell & the Truth / La Rombé / Oak111  Cobra Heart Band / David Washington (One of the original member of Chapter 8) AJ Sparks Marcell Russell / David Sea / Fathers Children/ Clarence Dobbins / Ruby Baker / James Whitney Kashious / Rene Jones / Gina Darby  / John Wilson / Sly, Slick And Wicked / Lawrence Beamen Unified Tribe / Snowboy / XXCeption To The Rule / Carmen Hendricks / Willie Clayton Garry Grant / Gene Van Buren / Maurice Jackson / The Pule Of Boston / Jason Little  New Soul orchestra  / Jimmy Young / Roy Roberts  / Angel Rissoff / A1 Lindsey / Freddie Empire Earnest Walker, Jr. / Ty Stephens  / Willie Clayton / Garry Grant  / Vince Broomfield

Michael Mayberry Da-man Records

Scott J. Thornton-
Renea Mitchell – Jomar Records
Doyle Wood – Daxwood Records
Dave Welding – Soul Junction Records
Matthew Halsall – Gondwana Records
John Manship – Rare Records Special
Noel Waggener – Heavy Light Records
Stuart Cosgrove– Detroit 67
Ady Croasdell – Kent Records
Patrick Biggerstaff – Izipho Sou Records
Elaine Constantine – Northern Soul Film Director 
Mike Ward – USA Independent Soul   
Dave Porter- Vivid Sounds
Paul Mooney – Selecta/Shotgun Records
Steve Guarnor – Collectors Special
Dave Thorley & Malayka  – SoulShakers & Topdog Records
Colin Dilnot  – In Dangerous Rhythm
Colin Curtis (Highland Room,Trafalgar, RockCity, Ritz, Rafters, Legends, Hilton)
Bob Jones / Colin Curtis / Snowboy – History of Jazz in Soul clubs
Richard Searling – Va-Vas, Pendelum, Wigan Casino, Parkers, etc…
Bob Cosby – Soul Essence
John Ridley – Sir Shambling

Soul Discovery Round Table

Paul Thrower/ Mark Merry / Brain Goucher / Steve Dolan / Mark Houghton / Micky Gynn/  Kevin Oxberry / Fish / Eddie Hubbard / Rod Dearlove / Mike Charlton / Colin Brown / Don Brown / Dean Johnson / Shaun Robbins/ Bob “The Crate” Smith / Roger Williams / Mark Randle / Sean Hampsey  / Gareth Donovan / Steve Cole 

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