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Mary Gresham

“Just me and you” / “Stay there and try to be strong”

Label: Hit & Run Records
Catalog: HR 1533
Release Date: September 2021
Format: 7’

Mary Gresham has always been a special artist for this label and for Soulscape.  It was her great ‘I’ll Never Let You Walk Alone’ from the CD  that convinced me to restart the label back in 2009; since then she’s become a much-loved lady amongst collectors worldwide and so I’m really pleased to be able to commit to vinyl another 2 of her unreleased cuts from the CD.  

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‘There must be peace for me’ / ‘I never thought I’d be losing you’ 

Label: Hit & Run Records – Catalog: HR1528 – Release Date: Out Now – Format: 7’

The 2nd of our 2 45s of Marvin’s unreleased 70s Chicago productions. ‘A’ side here is the very in-demand side, previously known only by the Richard Searling acetate which has built quite a reputation over the last 30 years; the flip is Marvin’s brilliant and better original version of the Major Lance 45 on Soul.



‘Let me be free’ / Don’t go breaking my heart’ 

Label: Hit & Run Records – Catalog: HR1527 – Release Date: Out Now – Format: 7’

A coupling here of 2 ultra rare and brilliant dance tracks from Atlanta Ga.1969s ‘Let me be free’ is possibly the rarest Tragar 45 with reputedly only 100 being pressed to fulfil a contractual obligation; the flip was originally recorded in 1968 and destined for a Tragar release but delayed as considered too sensual for a Southern audience and released one year later.

Don Bryant

“Cloudy days” / “Just a touch of your hand” (Hit & Run Records) 7′

One of what will be occasional deep soul 45s on the label. In 1967 Detroit’s Wheelsville group of labels took some artists down to Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studio in Memphis. Willie had the Hi house band in, he produced and Don Bryant guided the Detroit artists with his vocals. 

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Ben and Coco

Good feelin’ / See the world (Hit & Run Records) 7′

Catalog: HR1522
Release Date: 23rd October 2020

A totally wonderful Memphis indie 45 from 1979. First brought to these shores by Arthur Fenn around 1982, very limited copies of this ever surfaced.  Last seen on ebay over 7 years ago, now must be in the £1,500 region. Coco is alive and living in Memphis and the advance royalties have gone directly to her.

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