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Collection of articles written by Paul Tilman When your father hands you a pair of drumsticks at the age of four, chances are you’ll wind up a drummer. Paul Tillman Smith’s father, George Smith (Kansas City Smitty) played drums during the big band era with many well-known bands including Count Basie, Trummer Young and the Harlem Aces. He was also a mentor to singer Pearl Bailey‘s husband drummer Louie Bellson.
At age fifteen at the urging of his mother Della, Paul began playing the piano. It was soon after that he began to write simple three chord songs like the ones he would hear on the radio. This love has lasted a lifetime.

History of – Paul Tilman Smith……So Far

Updated 12/03/23
A lot of people I know  today missed my up and coming jazz career. I played with many Jazz greats in New York in the late sixties.  I was a eighteen year old baby but playing my ace off cause my daddy was a drummer and i started at 4 years old. Trying to be a great Jazz drummer is no joke. Almost like being a serious athlete. Me, Pharoah Sanders and Bassist Juma Sultan who would later become Jimi Hendrix’s guru, used to  spend almost six hours a day in Manhattan New York exploring the new avant garde Jazz boundaries created by our new age musical  hero saxman John Coltrane. I realized i would not only starve to death playing that music but also that was the era of Black protest music which was music a lot of people didn’t want to hear. Anyway, I love writing and producing music these days still playing my drums as much as i can.. A lot of my Jazz Heroes’ from the late seventies  and eighties have played on my compositions.

Norman Connors just called me as have a few friends from Europe and elsewhere to tell me I got a bonafide hit called “Magazine Girl” on the new Sounds of Oakland CD. Norman claims he’s taking the song and my storyboard video to his dear friend  Steve Harvey for support, good luck NORM!  Norman is a co-producer on the Sounds of Oakland album.

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