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Jesse James / Yvonne Baker

“Don’t Forget That I Love You”  / “I Need Love” 

Label: North Broad St Records
Catalogue Number: NBS009BL
Release Date: January 2024
Format: 7’

I suspect a number of people have been thinking that it has been all quiet on the East of Scotland front with NBS lately, but most won’t be surprised to hear that the guys gave been beavering away in the background on various deals and the processes needed to set these in flight. And now the guys are delighted to reveal the next track, a release of what looks like the songwriter’s demo of the Intentions – Don’t Forget That I Love You by none other than famed Philly producer and songwriter Jesse James. This was sourced via legendary record collector and member of the Intentions Dennis Brennan, who was very keen to see what is likely the original cut made available. Colin already had a long and fruitful relationship with Dennis over the years of buying records resulting in a strong friendship, so Dennis was keen to do business with the guys.  Unfortunately during the negotiations Dennis became ill and the guys at NBS pushed through the negotiations and contracts as quick as possible to aid Dennis in his treatment, an immense expense in the USA. Sadly, Dennis did not survive to see the release, but he would have been very happy to see the realisation of his wish to see it out there. 

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The Lovemasters

“If you see Kate” / “Let’s stay together”

Label:  North Broad Street Records
Catalogue:  NBS 007BL
Release Date: 3rd Sept 2022
Format: 7’

As North Broad Street Records goes from strength to strength, September will see the arrival of the seventh vinyl release in their series of quality previously unissued soul recordings. NBS 007 takes us to the Windy City for two fine tracks by the group who previously gave us a northern soul classic on Jacklyn Records. A key figure in this particular origin story is West Yorkshire record collector and DJ Dave Box. When Dave passed away in 2018, the UK soul community lost a vital connection with some of the finest Chicago soul artists of all time. Boxy’s involvement on the soul scene goes further back than most—Normanton Baths soul nights from 1967, the all-nighters which followed in the early 1970s, and in more recent years, the Wilton and Frobisher events. Dave’s close friendship with a number of recording artists culminated in some UK stage appearances which discerning soul fans had only dreamed of experiencing. His commitment to the scene was unyielding, and the legacy continues with this latest release by North Broad Street.

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Ike Perry / Ken Drake

“Don’t turn around” / “Mistaken”

Label: North Broad St
Catalogue: 006BL
Release Date: Out Now
Format: 7’

This 3rd instalment from that wonderful unissued 4 track acetate is without doubt one of the best undiscovered northern soul dancer to hit the scene in years sticking to our mantra of never issued on anything before it goes to vinyl and on NBS  label take listen for your self this track will light up the dance floors all over Europe Ike at his very best and just screams northern dancer.

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Jimmy Ruffin

North Broad Street (NBS) #5 is two previously unissued tracks brought to you from two reels NBS where very lucky to receive from Cali with 4 wonderful tracks.

NBS are on their 4th sell out release. Their mantra is simply good soul music, which undersells their product to date, which has been nothing short of sensational soul music. Their previous release, the first going under the banner of Detroit Soul Renaissance releases is gaining worldwide acclaim, bringing exposure to Cynthia Girty and Arenita Walker who until now had been unsung heroes to all but the most knowledgeable soul fans, their lineage only relatively recently been exposed by some of the best soul sleuths out there, a great example of these crazy collectors.

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‘Open your eyes’ / ‘Where’s your smile’

Label: North Board Street Records – Catalog: NBS004 – Release: May 2021 – Format: 7’

Cynthia formerly of Cynthia and the Imaginations gives us truly superb 5 minutes of pure soul from the heart, showcasing her out stand out vocals. A beautiful modern soul ballad that you will playing on rotation for sure.

Arenita formerly of the Lollipops gives us a modern soul masterpiece and without doubt a future classic. Written by Girty/Walker and produced by Don Davis all three great friends, with Tony Green on drums, Ruby Robinson on keyboard with Cecil Womack arranging.

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Previously unissued virtue acetate

Catalog: NBS003BL
Release Date: 8th February 2021

Happy new year everyone, we now have the eagerly awaited Frankie, two previously unissued tracks for us to share with you guys, the part we get lots of pleasure from, as you are all aware by now the label is based around frank virtue studios in Philly, we are honouring this great man with this track for everything he was responsible for and all contributed for the music coming out of Philly the man and his associates gave us thousands of memorable tunes and here is another, with your dancer on one side with its gill Scott heron feel to the moody deep soul masterpiece sounding like teddy pendergras on the other am sure NBS003BL is another smash, born in Philly evolving in Scotland. North Broad St Records

Rosie Marie McCoy & Helen Miller/ Bruce Cloud

“Teardrops and Heartaches” /  “Where did we go wrong” (North Broad St Records) 7′

Release Date: 1st December 2020

We have hooked up with Mind UK, the Mental Health Charity, where we will be donating from the profits from this release.

Rose Marie McCoy & Helen Miller were highly respected song writers. The Brill Building in the New York offices was mainly where they both worked together. Travelling back and forward to Detroit, where they worked with Golden World and Revilot, iconic northern soul label, with credits appearing on, Our Love is in the Pocket, I’m Spellbound and many others.

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