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Vasti Jackson

“I’m still in love with you” / “I’m so glad (we are back together)”

Label:  Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue:  ZP-84Release
Date: 10th August 2022
Format: 7’

Mississippi Bluesman Vasti Jackson is a force to be reckoned with, as an artist, Vasti is known for sweat-drenched, soul ripping performances. In 2015 he recorded the real soul masterpiece ‘I’m Still In Love With You’. The song is a testament to the fact that true love never dies. Passion lives forevermore and grows stronger with every kiss and embrace. Share this delicious, sensual, sonic delight with that someone special, and let them know that you are still in love! The B Side should not be overlooked either, another big sound ballad from two years earlier. 

Roy Hamilton / Charlie Thomas

“My peaceful forest” / “Don’t let me know”

Label:  Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue:  ZP-81
Release Date: 10th August 2022
Format: 7’

Two amazing originally unissued Kent Soul discoveries that were featured on their Bill Haney’s Atlanta Soul Brotherhood CD from 1998.

The late great Bill Haney, unacknowledged genius of Southern Soul and owner of the revered Chant record label was interviewed by Rod Dearlove and published in Voices From The Shadows. It was recalled that Roy Hamilton came to town to work the clubs, Bill had the dramatic song ‘My Peaceful Forest’, and somehow got the ‘The Golden Voice’ to record it – what an epic production it turned out to be!

Similarly, The Drifter’s Charlie Thomas whilst in town to perform got to record ‘Don’t Let Me Know’, the recording comes in at just over two minutes, we have had an extended version cleared for this 7” release.

Don Bryant

“A world like that” / “It was jealousy”

Label: Creative Soul
Catalogue: CS-1002
Release Date: August 2022
Format: 7’

Written by Memphis performer and songwriter, John Paul Keith, ‘A World Like That’ is a response to the racially motivated fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by a serving police officer in 2014. Don gives a moving vocal performance with sympathetic accompaniment from a seasoned set of Memphis based musicians including Charles Hodges and Howard Grimes, which sadly proved to be the legendary drummers last recording session.

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Curtis Lee


Label: Steam Records
Catalogue: STR006
Release Date: Sept 2022
Format: 7’

This what we call a Killer Modern Soul Dancer! Curtis Lee, real name Curtis Lee Lindsey from Canton OH, sadly passed away much too young at the age of 58 in June 2012. He was a really special man & a really talented singer and musician. Curt worked for Canton City Schools as a crossing guard. He was also a social member of VFW Post #3747 (Military Veteran organisation). He loved to sing and was runner-up for Canton Idol in 2007, and he also sang at the Fair Grounds and for some Hall of Fame events. We’ve managed to track down his family and licensed those two amazing songs that he recorded in 1979 on his own label Spade Record recorded at Kopperhead studio North Canton OH for your pleasure



Label: Steam Records
Catalogue: STR005
Release Date: Sept 2022
Format: 7’

The Vee-Gees, previously known as the Versatile Gents, were from Greensboro, N.C. The versalite Gents started the Group in 1967 originally as “the African Americans” performed at a talent show at Gillespie Park School, Geensboro, North Carolina. Soon After Virginia Massey a Senior Music Major at A&T joined the group and the name was changed to Gin And The Gents. After one year Massey left the Band and their name was changed to The Versatile Gents.

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The HP’s featuring Claire Davis

“Hope to see you again” / “Better things”

Label: LRK Records 
Catalogue: LRK-15
Release Date: 5th August 2022
Format: 7’

The late Sharon Jones, a key inspiration for Renaud, is honoured via a killer version of her classic tune, “Better Things.” The soulful vocals of Claire Davis are accompanied by jaunty horns and keyboards, and the cool groove befits the positive lyrics (“I’m a better woman than I have been”).

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“Crystal powder” / “Say Woman”

Label:  Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue: ZP80
Release Date: Out Now
Format: 7’

The Split Decision Band were a soul-funk band from Des Moines, Iowa. They released a standalone single on Network Records in 1978. The band recorded an album’s worth of material around the same time, this only gained a release in 2017 by Now-Again Records. Song choices are in abundance from this project and Alan Kitchener’s excellent Soul Direction label released two brilliant dancers earlier this year. 

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The Turbines

“We got to start over”/ “What more can I say”

Label: Soul Direction Records   
Catalogue: SD0-1006
Release Date: August 2022
Format: 7’

Very little is known at all about the Turbines or indeed the Cenco Label. Here is what we think we know. Cenco Records was a Label from Hollywood California, Owned by Mike Gradney (AKA Mike Gradny) 

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Ruby Winters

I can’t help but love you” \ “If only (we had met sooner)”

Label: Creative Soul 
Catalog: CS-001
Release Date: End of July 2022
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

George Kerr and Ruby Winters were riding high in the US R&B charts in 1967. George had hits that year with The O’Jays and Linda Jones; Ruby had scored a hit for Diamond Records with ‘I Want Action’. George’s production talent brought him to the attention of Diamond Records, and was introduced to the label owner, Phil Kahl by his friend Teddy Van, who was a staff producer for the label. So the scene was set for a pairing of these two immense talents, and recording sessions were scheduled to include another of Diamond’s artists, Johnny Thunder, who had previously recorded duets with Ruby.

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