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Joel Semper Brockman is son of the late George Semper an American of Afro Caribbean descent music arranger, artist, producer, publisher, and multi-instrumentalist. Raised in San Diego, California Semper would become a west coast Hammond B3 Hero and contributor to Jazz, Soul, “Bay Area” Funk, and Folk Rock, and hip-hop music genres.

For 5 decades from the late 1950’s Semper was a music entrepreneur, promoter, artist, independent producer and label owner. He’s most known for influencing Golden Era hip-hip with the sampling of Sempers 1966 Makin Waves LPs version of the song ‘Get Out of My Life Woman’ drums. George, performed with dozens of Jazz and Soul artists and many bands including Merry Clayton, Ray Charles, The Perfect Circle and was LA musical director for Brenton Wood, Johnnie Taylor, Joe Tex, The Young Hearts, and curiously Deacon Jones.

The George Semper Music Archives – Joel Semper Brockman

Semper sounds have been heard in television, film, and radio, a highlight being 2009 Eddie Murphy film Norbit, ‘The Hands of Time’. Creating music until his last days Geroge Semper transitioned in 2009 in his birthplace of Trinidad & Tobago, WI. Greatly inspired by his fathers musical talent and body of work Joel started The George Semper Music Archives. The archives include Semper and his collaborators’ 5 decades music catalog and restored master recordings!

A digital development consultant Joel resides in the San Francisco, California “Bay Area”. His musical journey began in learning more about his Fathers career. George and his Mother met at a turning point in US culture, a time when Semper backed Ray Charles at the Moulin Rouge hotel-casino.  She, a southern Anglo Belle and George, created a booking company with  some of the first racially integrated live shows on the Las Vegas strip.

Born into a creative world with mixed ancestry enriched Joel’s cultural and social perspectives with a diverse range of experiences.  In his teens, like his Father, Joel pursued a music career as promoter and producer launching a successful live venue, independent record label, and leading production company securing a multi-artist production deal &  platinum status. In his twenties, he moved to New York City, and worked with finance, consulting and tech companies, providing staffing & digital solutions. During this time he contributed to the development of the world’s first social site led by Peter Friedman and the first mobile YouTube

Joel is a married proud father of two sons, whose journey continues with new discoveries of his Fathers music.

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