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Lyricist/singer Lorraine Feather’s work has been heard on numerous records, in films, and on television. She has received seven Emmy nominations as a lyricist, three Grammy nominations for her albums of all-original music, and a Critics’ Choice nomination for the title song of Warren’s Beatty’s film Rules Don’t Apply, written with longtime collaborator Eddie Arkin.
Feather is the daughter of the late jazz writer Leonard Feather, and the goddaughter of Billie Holiday.

Lorraine Feather

Updated 9/06/23

ESSAY FOR Dr. Robert Riehemannʼs Course

THE LIFE OF MY MIND………Lorraine Feather

Iʼve been asked to write an essay about my creative life by your instructor, Dr. Riehemann. He has played my musical work for some of you, but otherwise itʼs unlikely that you would know who I am. Iʼve never been featured prominently on TV, or had a big pop hit. I describe myself as a “lyricist/jazz singer.” I put “lyricist” first because I can envision giving up singing at some point, but never writing. Iʼve been involved with some big projects as a lyricist, have been in and out of work, written lyrics for film and TV, done seven solo recordings since the late 1990s. I have what I would call a most interesting career, one that engages me tremendously.

I donʼt have children and I donʼt know anything about parenting, but Iʼve seen it done. As I understand it from friends of mine with kids in college, thereʼs a fair amount of pressure these days to offer some idea of what you want to do in life by the time youʼre in your late teens or early twenties. The basic point of this essay—to quickly end the suspense as to whether there might be one—is to share a little of my own experience regarding the setting of goals, changing of goals, despairing over whether itʼs possible ever to reach any of them, and lessons Iʼve learned along the way in the course of pursuing my own.

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