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Soul Direction Records we strive to unearth unreleased soul music from the vaults and bring them to you on vinyl, enabling you to enjoy previously unissued quality soul music

The Natural Soul Brothers Ltd / The Four Thoughts

“Cement, Plaster & Gold”  /  “Kisses & Roses” 

Label: Soul Direction
Catalogue Number: SD019
Release Date: 24th November 2023 
Format: 7’

Staying in my favourite state of Philly, we continue with 2 sublime tracks from the Wally-O- Production stables.
The home of Herb Johnson & The Impacts, The Topics and the soul duo of Jeri Payne and Joe Freeman aka. Jeri & Joe. The two tracks featured in this latest Soul Direction Release are both prime examples of the forgotten and obscure talents from this Wally Osborne production line. 

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“The Other Side of You” / “Going To A Carnival”

Label: Soul-Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD018
Release Date: 4th August 2023 
Format: 7’

Following on from the enormous success of the first two releases by The Decisions on Soul Direction and courtesy of Fred White and the Decisions we give you another double sided masterpiece from master tapes kindly provided by the band.
The 5 young men who formed The Decisions, originally started their own Record Label – York Records in the late 60s and recorded two releases on the label which to this day are still very sought after amongst soul collectors. They then went onto record for Sussex Records in the early 70s. The Los Angeles-based label founded by Clarence Avant and distributed by Buddah Records. 

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The Intruders 

“You’re My One & Only Baby” / “I’ve Got Love For You”

Label: Soul-Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD015
Release Date: Mid/Late February 2023  
Format: 7”

The original group consisted of five members who formed in 1959. When that group broke up, Phil Terry joined three remaining members: Robert (Big Sonny) Edwards, Samuel (Little Sonny) Brown and Eugene Daughtry. “Little Sonny” and “Big Sonny” both worked at a barber shop on Ridge Avenue in North Philadelphia and called Main Line Record Distributor owner Barry Golder to hear the group sing over the phone. Barry sent his 19 year old brother Michael over to the barber shop to hear them audition, liked what he heard, and took the group to Reco Art Studios to record some tunes for his newly formed Gowen label.

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