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Soul Direction Records we strive to unearth unreleased soul music from the vaults and bring them to you on vinyl, enabling you to enjoy previously unissued quality soul music

Taken from the Now & Again album These tracks were Unreleased sessions recorded at  unknown studio or possibly Gordon Flipping’s house, Des Moines, IA, between 1979-1984,  by his group The Split Decision Band. The two tracks featured here were licensed courtesy of Now and Again and with the blessing  of The Gordon Flipping & The Split Decision Band. 

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King George And The Fabulous Souls

Soul-Direction bring you the first legitimate re-release of this soul Rarity Licensed Courtesy of Resnik Music Group.corded “I Need You” and one other on Audio Arts titled King George And The Fabulous Souls – “Baby I’ve Got It / Baby I’ve Got It (Instrumental Sing-Along)” which were both written and produced byl ead vocalist “King” George Renfro. These were recorded a year apart in 1968 and “I Need You” in 1969 respectively.

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“Boy, you’ve been acting strange” / “Celebrate (Legacy to the bone)”

Label: Soul-Direction Records 
Catalog: SD-007
Release: Officially for order from Friday 17th December – Despatch 4th January 2022 Latest.
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

Eddie N Watkins Jr was born & raised in Detroit MI. He started his music career playing piano for a bingo game Hall at 10 years old. His grandmother “Big Mama” had bought him a piano at age 7 and his parents forced him to take piano lessons apparently against his will.
As it turned out they were right and by the age of 13 Eddie had switched to bass guitar joined the Musicians Union and got hired by the Jonny Trafton big band performing with seasoned local Motown musicians.

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Sir Joe

“Nobody beats my love”

 Label:  Soul Direction Records
Catalog: SD -1002
Release Date: November 2021  
Format: 7’ Vinyl 

Joseph Patrick Quarterman hailed from the Shaw neighbourhood in Washington D.C. He started writing songs at a young age and after graduating from Dunbar High School he met song writers Eddie Best and Don Downing and began singing lead vocals with a Washington. DC group called “The Knights”, where he adopted the name “Sir Joe.”

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The Combinations

“(Too Long) I’ve been Waiting”

Label:  Soul Direction Records
Catalog: SD -1001
Release Date:  November 2021  
Format: 7’ Vinyl 

The Combinations were a male vocal group whose line up included Willie C. Collins of Will Collins and Willpower “Anything You Can Do” fame, and three other guys all from British Honduras. Hubert Usher, Lenny Bailey and a guy only remembered as Gerald. Under the auspices of David Braithwaite and Ernest Kelley they recorded a solitary 45 release “(Too Long) I’ve Been Waiting/Please Don’t Leave Me” (Soul “O” Sonic), this being the earlier New York based version of Ernest Kelley’s label. 

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The Decisions

The Decisions are a group from Atlanta, Georgia comprising of Hildred Thomason, Fred White, Henry Little and Howard Simpson and Harvey Poole. Harvey Poole went on to join the US Military. They formed at S.H. Archer High School and graduated in 1965. Over the years these 5 young men went on to start their own Record Label – York Records in the late 60s.

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Joe Adams

It was around 1999 and a stack of Del-Val and related studio reels lay in Joe Stevenson’s basement gathering dust and at the same time slowly deteriorating with the possibility of being lost forever. Looking back now I am so glad someone had the foresight to transfer them onto DAT tapes before they were damaged beyond all hope. Some of the tracks were then used for a “Best of Del-Val” CD release around 2000 by the guys at Philly Archives. This was a blessing in disguise as a few years later all the masters were lost to a huge flood in Joe’s basement destroying them beyond any repair.

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Eddie Holman

Catalog: SD002
Release Date: Mid January 2021

Until recently this unknown Virtue acetate was unearthed from the belongings of legendary Philly producer/musician/songwriter John Stiles. Recorded around the same time as “Stay Mine For Heaven Sake” at Virtue Studios in Philadelphia. Eddie’s rendition of “Ready, Willing and Able” was something that was thought to have been written potentially for another singer which was to be determined but he sang on the track as a reference point to whoever this might be, which was not an unusual practice. His piercing vocals added to a pounding “Northern soul” style beat lends itself to a packed and sweaty dancefloor.

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